Hanson.net Pin Guide

Since the site’s relaunch in 2014, Hanson.net members have had the opportunity to get “pins” – similar to video game achievements, members have the opportunity to “level up” and get exclusive pins on the website based on different actions taken on the website or events attended in real life.  With the 2020 re-relaunch we decided to make a guide of all the pins and how to obtain them.

Please Note: These pins are only supposed to be around for a limited time.  Pin Hunts are typically up for 1 week or for the length of the hunt. Once this time period has passed, we add “No Longer Available” to the listing.  However, it is possible that not all pins have been turned off.  After we have earned the pins there is no way to know if they are still active or not as we cannot earn them again.  Feel free to try and follow the hint to try and earn older pins but know your mileage may vary and all of them may not be available to earn anymore once the initial time period has passed.

Social (General)
Social (Nightcap)
Social (Hanson Day)
Social (Back to the Island)
Social (Streaming Concerts)

Music (General)
Music (Albums)
Music (EPs)


Tour Check-Ins 

Secret (2014)
Secret (2016)
Secret (2020)
Secret (2021)
Secret (Holiday 2021)
Secret (2022)
Secret (2023)
Secret (2024)
Secret (Hanson Day)
Secret (Back to the Island)
2023 Test Pins


Hanson Day 2021 
2021 Summer Streaming Series 
Hanson Day 2022
Hanson Day 2023 

Scavenger Hunt (July 2020)
Scavenger Hunt (October 2020)
Scavenger Hunt (Spring 2021)
HDay Explorer (2021)
Scavenger Hunt (October 2021)
HDay Explorer (2022)
Hnet Explorer (Fall 2022)
Hanson Day Scavenger Hunt (2023 – Paid)
Hday Explorer (2023)
Hnet Explorer (Fall 2023)
HNet Explorer (Jan 9 2024)
HNet Explorer (April 2 2024)

2022 “Red” Pins 
2022 “Green” Pins
2022 “Blue” Pins 

Coming Soon:
HDay Explorer (May 2024)
Hday In-Person Scavenger Hunt (May 2024 – Paid)
HNet Explorer (July 9 2024)
HNet Explorer (October 1 2024)

Unknown Pins