HNet Explorer April 2024

2024 Spring HNet Explorer

Image Name Description How to Earn
Spring HNet Explorer 2024 RSVP For Spring HNet Explorer RSVP before April 2 on the HNet Calendar page

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Spring Shower Explorer Complete Week 1 of the Spring Explorer.

Clue #1 – With everything blooming and the flowers popping, this week the hunt is most certainly hopping. You’re looking to listen to something today, that’s cheery and merry and joyful. The egg bringer of fantasy, adorned in white. The feeling most connected with having good times. If you don’t know just yet what you’re needing to hear, I colored it accordingly and left it HERE.

Congratulations – you’ve just completed week 1 of HNet Explorer Spring 2024. That’s right – you get your pin now! We hope it makes you feel happy, just like this song, and we’ll see you next week for another game.

Listen to “Happy” from White Rabbit

No Longer Available

Flower Power Explorer Complete Week 2 of the Spring Explorer.
Clue #1 – Spring is here the sky is Blue, roses are Red and ready to bloom. The leaves are Green and the sun just eclipsed, a band is just a fellowship. You need to find an image, a collection of 58, photos taken of PLYRZ, the food there was great! Color is important to find the right collection, yellow, purple, magenta, are here for miss direction.Clue #2 – Let’s do something we’ve never done, why, because it sounds fun. Bad idea? Change My Mind. You got drinks pour um, you got kites sore um, you got something to say, type it in the… I know it’s a bit Random 😉

Find Zac’s link in the forums and click it!

No Longer Available

Tower of Power Explorer Complete Week 3 of the Spring Explorer

Clue #1 – This first clue is two parts not often connected. Both things grow, one up on down. The first word sometimes comes with olives, sometimes comes with applies, sometimes comes with pecans. The second word grows from ear to ear, is sometimes oiled, sometimes trimmed, but always manly. Put them together and search for what they say, a shepherd of the forest but not his Entish name.

Clue #2: you made it to the Second part of our weekly game. it just so happens that these hints are all on the same theme. No! i bet you haven’t noticed power flower towel rhyme, but that Is not the thing that will help you out this time. Games are made by Gamers, And names are named by namers. Because you read this far i will tell you how to read it. write down what is different and backwards you should read it. Search for what you get, and when walking in the dark, its always a good idea to bring earindils star.

Search “Baggins”

No Longer Available

Donatello Explorer Complete Week 4 of the Spring Explorer

Clue #1: This week we will be trying, something a little new. Combine from your collection, is what we’re gonna do. This puzzle may require you to hear a song or two, but clearly you must like what we put in cloud for you. Working left to right, and starting 1 of 10, build yourself this sentence working pin by pin.

Sleep, In Bed, Play, Inside, Cross, Colors, in Human, Reality

Put the following music pins in your pin case: No Sleep for Banditos, Continental Breakfast in Bed, Play, Inside the Box, Crossroads, In Color, Music Made for Humans, In Real Life

No Longer Available

Charged Explorer Complete Spring 2024 Explorer Found them all.

No Longer Available