Scavenger Hunt (October 2021)

2021 October Scavenger Hunt

Image Name Description How to Earn
RSVP for Fall 2021 Explorer Given to members who RSVPed for HNet Explorer before 10/5

No Longer Available

Spellbound Explorer Complete Week 1 of the Explorer

Available October 5 – October 11, 2021

Hint #1 – Listen up Everyone, whaT ever if your in for the hunt. Today we play gamEs and we’Re hoping it’S fun. Much A do abouT noThing, evEn if it matteRs to you, search your next hint on page number 2.

Hint #2 – foR hint number 2, this weEk read All of the worDs. focus on Little things that might get on Your neRves. lIke your english teaCher, juSt mark what you see. Turn tO page number 4 fOr hint number 3

Hint #3 – Lately rEnamed As in 2020. Vary often in five on a members Ep. Though Hard to hEar they’re made to sing. Like bIrds or Goats Humming along. That’s all we have, enjOy week number oNe.

No Longer Available

Sweet Tooth Explorer Complete Week 2 of the Explorer

Available October 12 – October 18, 2021

Hint #1 – This week you will need to be an ancient history buff. Named for Rome’s first Emperor. XIII. vīgintī ūnus. Put these three together, with eyes for underneath. To find your second hint art is what you seek.

Hint #2 – Treat or trick all this week who can say whats in store. We serve it up in buckets and leave it out on the porch. Accessories or suckers but way, way, down below.

-Alternate hint

You can find it by yourself, just spell like the last crusade. Indiana Jones is always big on Halloween day.

Hint #3 -Andy Warhol, Bubblicious, music ACU. This 17-minute song is long, but really it is 2.  To get your Pin just search the song that inside this song hides. a title that’s not present music that divides.

No Longer Available

Gnikiv The Viking Explorer Complete Week 3 of the Explorer

Available October 19 – October 25, 2021

Hint #1 – It’s week three in our great game of Pins, and every week, a new hunt begins. What you’re looking for now, rhymes with Ohio. Columbus is nice but we’re thinking more Daimyo. Jelly fish are, ___Luminescent. Use ___Fuel cause it’s far less unpleasant. What we need you to find is a brief history, and the subject is Zac, happy hunting.

Hint #2 – Eoph uoy era lla gnjoyine shit eamg ee’vw neeb glayinp. thaT uoy eikl nraib seasert grummind dna gaming. shiT keew si dink fo lpecias, ni shit hontm fo lla caZ. oT eompletc shit seekw tunh hearcs caZ tub ttars mrof eht kacb

No Longer Available

O+ Explorer Complete Week 4 of the Explorer

Available October 26 – November 1

Hint 1 For our final weeks hunt we’re looking for the undead. Listen close to this song and don’t lose your head. Highly pixeled pants, lucky number 13. You’ll know when you see one, slimy mumbling and green.

Hint 2 – Hello Explorers, it’s time for hint #2. Time lapse 10, 29, 14 blood

Hint #3 – We’re very nearly done, just two more steps to go. You have half of what you need, just one more half to go. This scary late-night Jam is super, just listen to the end. Put both your halves together and your search is at its end.

Hint 4 – I’m Back! haha Ok explorers, it’s time for hint #4 – put these words together and they’ll bleed you dry. Sucker! haha

No Longer Available

Invisible Explorer Complete Bonus Week 4 Pin of the Explorer Available October 26 – November 1

Bonus pin clue was in Week 4 Hint #1

No Longer Available

Home Sweet Haunt Explorer Find all 4 2021 Explorer Pins Awarded November 2, 2021 to those who found all 4 pins in the previous month.

No Longer Available