HNet Explorer (Fall 2022)

2022 Fall HNet Explorer


Note: Highlight black text to view the “spoiler” on how to find the pins. These pins were available from October 25, 2022 – December 13, 2022


Image Name Description How to Earn
Costumed Explorer Complete Week 1 of the Explorer

Hint 1:It’s sticky and jarred that is for sure. In this case you might find it with cookie monster. This song was released in 2014, on a day near the time when ghouls walk the street. So go posthaste to where we store all our logs, and find the old house filled with the undead, the Hint like the singer is under the bed.

Hint 2: He shares the same name as the guest star on Blue, but he doesn’t wear shorts and he plans to kill you. First seen on film in ’78, for as old as he is he still looks the same. A secret no one knows is he’s in the clue, so go say hello if you dare look him up. On his apple air pods there’s always one song that is playing, it’s save me of course, while he’s slashing and slaying.

Hint 3: Listen very closely to this digital zinger. track 13’s what you need from your third favorite singer. This undead advice is archived in your thinker, if you know step #1, search it and bazinga!
Search Archive for ‘kick them in the face’

No Longer Available

Handlebar Explorer Complete Week 2 of the Explorer

Hint 1: There’s a special guy that says we’re all a bit weird, and for a time was sporting a beard. What you need to do now is look at the cover, and search all the letters combined as a number.

Hint 2: This Mustache clash is one for the books, the muscle-bound gym rat VS the PI with the looks. Find the blog denoting a bullets extra power, it’s the same as the name of the detective of the Hawaiian isles.
Search Archive for Magnum

No Longer Available

Skull Cap Explorer Complete Week 3 of the Explorer

Hint 1: Hint 1: to find tHis week’s pin you will need To oPen the right words. to find tHeSe right Words it is Not so hard, it’s the same as mr. trousers favorite lYrics. if you’rE Perplexed on how to start, just thInk of a capital Ship and sOmehow you will finD thE number 34.

Look at Sunny Day lyrics

No Longer Available

Emerald Explorer Complete Week 4 of the Explorer

Hint 1: This one is easy it’s a number you know. At the start of the decade, near the end of the year. It’s an 8-digit number 12 years before our career. Now just search it backwards and step 2 will appear.

Hint 2: His first favorite song talked a lot about time, and the lyrics of course spoke about multiplying. Just look at these words is the step that is required. In the OG orange album, with little drawings inside.

Hint 3: What would you call a better place than the one you’re at. A lawn of rich lush vegetation authored by Mac. Just emerald yard in Media hold this week’s dividend. You will get a shiny Pin if you listen to the end.

Listen to Greener Pastures

No Longer Available

Well Fed Explorer Complete Week 5 of the Explorer

Hint 1:The first hint this week is an Amino acid. If you have a great deal, it will make you feel placid. This essential acid is found in a meat, it’s not made by our bodies but it promotes healthy sleep. Use this Formula: C11H12N2O2 to discover its name, if you’re tired at Thanksgiving it’s probably to blame. Search the name in the archive if hint two is your aim.

Hint 2: This week our Pin is in a congregation. A collection that chronicled our travels through nations. We shared them each week of our RGB tour, now they’re all gathered together for the ease of the viewer. What a marvel it is this Media age, just open the right gallery and the Pin you will claim.
View RGB Tour photo gallery

No Longer Available

Shopping Explorer Complete Week 6 of the Explorer

Hint 1: One two three four, five size seven eight B2. We’ve waited all year but it’s finally time. It took 20 years for it first to arrive. Now just like old Rudolph, it’s rosy but vinyl. What’s in store is your hint, yes hint number two. Something snowy and festive and red white and blue.

Hint 2: What you need is the name of a song you can search, but we gave you the number near the start of the first. If it seemed incoherent, it’s alpha numeric, but search sung like the song cause the “so” is now errant.
Search “so Happy Christmas” in the archive

No Longer Available

Frozen Explorer Complete Week 7  of the Explorer

Hint 1: Despite our distance, we deked the halls more times than once with Christmas balls. And just this week it was exclaimed of new year’s night and reindeer games. The hint you seek is quite descriptive, its words are for a video collective. Cross my heart, and hope we’re lucky, did you check your vision is still 20-20

Hint 2: The list that you need isn’t naughty or nice, it’s a list that you play around holiday times. A place where we stream on US just for you, a category for Christmas that combines old and new. It’s so simple even Cindy Lou Who would be proud, play the holiday greeting right here in our cloud, and when the greeting is done with snowflakes you’ll be crowned!

Listen to the Holiday Greeting on the All You Want For Christmas playlist 

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No Longer Available

Master Ball Explorer Complete All 7 weeks of the Fall 2022 Explorer. No Longer Available