Secret Pins (2020)

2020 Secret

Image Name Description How to Earn
Early Bird Buy a Hanson Day 2020 ticket on the first day tickets were available Purchase tickets on January 18, 2020
No Longer Available
Be Mine Be a member of on Valentine’s Day 2020 Log in on Valentine’s Day 2020 

No Longer Available

20 Year Member Be a member of since 2000 Be a member with the same username since March 30, 2000
No Longer Available 20th Anniversary Pin Be a member of on the 20th Anniversary of Be a valid member on March 30, 2020
No Longer Available
Petes Dragon Check-in on on Launch Weekend See Description.
No Longer Available
Test Masters Be an official tester on the new 2020 before launch See Description.
No Longer Available
Migraine If you know, you know Only for HNet Team Members 

Not Available for Members


HTP Reporter HTP Reporter Be one of the Hanson Time Podcast Reporters!
Hanson Time Game Winner You were a winner of the HANSON Time Game Be one of the winners of the Hanson Time Game on the Hanson Time Podcast!