Hanson Day Explorer (2021)

2021 Hanson Day Explorer



Image Name Description How to Earn
HDay Explorer 2021 RSVP for HDay Explorer Awarded to members who RSVPed before the HDay Explorer hunt kicked of
No Longer Available
Muscle Shore Explorer Complete Day 1 of the Hday Explorer Day One Hint #1: Let’s start at the start of a day done right. Waffles or pancakes you know what we would like. Last year we were listening 10 days after the 4th. Good Days, can be Every day, is nearly All I Know.

Day One Hint #2:
Suns out, guns out, for all the troubadours. To get this week’s pins, just read my Muscles. We share them each year, and sing all the vowels wrong, just open track threes and just read along.

May 17, 2021
No Longer Available

Broadcasting From Somewhere Explorer Complete day 2 of the Hday Explorer Day Two Hint #1: I’m going to Graceland, in Memphis Tennessee, but on the way I’ll be watching HANSON recording Annalie. Where can we find the clip… it rhymes with family.

Day 2 Hint #2 You’re almost there, one more step and you’re done. Answer this simple problem and your treasure will be won. 6+8-12+4×6-13+1-24+2+1+2+4+9+10+4 = years before today, I archived a few thoughts about HTP.

May 18, 2021
No Longer Available

Blue Man Who Explorer Completed Day 3 of the HDay Explorer Day Three Hint #1: Today is all about the art of what you see not hear. At 2015 celebration, paint and pen, covers revealed. Look for them on display, but not fully complete. You’re looking for a work of art shared in the gallery.

Day Three Hint #2: To win your pin today, look for a Painting In Blue. What 1,000 words can say I needed 6 to. We hope you like the art we shared ’cause certainly we do.

May 19, 2021
No Longer Available

Strong Enough Explorer Completed Day 4 of HDay Explorer Day Four Hint #1:
We like watching things in created, let’s go back one year and 5 days for our destination. There is so much in sound, if you’re listening right, that’s why we so often share them in bites.Day Four Hint #2: With it’s musca domestica on the wall it revealed. So much unforeseen drama unfolding over the years. We found out we were strong enough in all the right places, your next Pin can be had just view this feature presentation. May 20, 2021
No Longer Available
Cannon Fodder Completed Day 5 of HDay Explorer Day Five Hint #1: In 2021 we’re sharing septuplets, and along with the song’s visuals of them. All you need to do, to head to the next clue, is to go where they gather to describe what they view.

Day Five Hint #2 For your last hint today, just search out this wrong lyric. It still makes KEN laugh every time he hears it. TTA video shoot, what they heard IS AMAZING, go search for the words that replaced “Cannons a blazing”

May 21, 2021
No Longer Available

What’s In A Day Explorer Complete Day 6 of the HDay Explorer Day Six Hint #1: You will have to listen close to find your second hint. In the second act, of the mad scientist it’s within. Building his creation, he left you a clue, tune your audio Machine to time 2:22.

Day Six Hint #2: We interrupt this song to bring you Hday Explorer Hint #2, Day 6. The best of the chosen according to us. A best of selection voted on with love. You’re looking for something fun to view – yellow and green and selected by you.

May 22, 2021
No Longer Available

Counting Dolls Explorer Complete Day 7 of the HDay Explorer Day Seven Hint #1: We have come to the end of our journey it’s true. We have played all week long, not there’s just one thing to do.  Send a message to “HANSONAsks” and answer this question: How many Russian Dolls were on Taylor’s piano during the HANSON Day streaming concert last night.

May 23, 2021
No Longer Available

Wireless Explorer Find all 7 H.Day 2021 Explorer Pins Available to members who completed and found all 7 Hday explorer pins
No Longer Available