Scavenger Hunt: October 2020

2020 October Scavenger Hunt

Image Name Description How to Earn
Fall Hnet Explorer 2020 RSVP for Fall Explorer Given to members who RSVPed for Fall HNet Explorer before 10/4
No Longer Available
Globe Trotter Explorer Complete Week 1 of the Explorer 2020 HNet Explorer II Pin #1 – Available October 5 – October 11
No Longer AvailableHint 1: Where did it start, or why, but what does it matter, it’s our first time walking around the world barefoot in Seattle.Hint 2:Hint 3:
Centennial Explorer Complete Week 2 of the Explorer 2020 HNet Explorer II Pin #2 – Available October 12 – 18
[]No Longer AvailableHint 1: Learn from your past so you can repeat if, if you don’t MONA and growna in this game you’re defeatedHint 2: After this many years you’re supposed to give Tin, but we thought you’d prefer a new rendition. If you relive this day, done in the round, in roughly an MMMBop you’ll have hints abound.Hint 3: All you need to do now is live to old age, let us know you’re coming and call it a day. Anyone over 100 gets drinks for free, we’ll save you a seat if you _ _ _ _
Pulgar Verde Explorer Complete Week 3 of the Explorer 2020 HNet Explorer II Pin #3 – Available October 19-25
[]No Longer AvailableHint 1: Alice never liked her much, but not many people did. If she planted pansies, they would be painted red. If you planted white, you’d probably be dead. One visit to her royal forum and she’d yell “off with your head!”Hint 2: This weeks pin is for the gardener in us all. Just archive this two-word title to complete your weekly haul. This gangrene digit may say is truly no shortcoming. If Tom Thumb changed his name to green what would he be becoming.
Phantom Explorer Complete Week 4 of the Explorer 2020 HNet Explorer II Pin #4 – Available October 26 – Nov 1
[]No Longer AvailableHint 1: We hope this this week things don’t get too eerie, Linda Richmond should have hosted this video series. It won’t be enough to read the description; you will be required to look at every depiction.Hint 2:  Listen up you geeks and geekets, your second hint is wearing tattered shorts and wants to tell you a secret.Hint 3: “And now, you monstrous gals and guys, this week’s hint in June of 20 I heard him say was Santa’s favorite summer day, Hurts, Daylight and the rest, they battle to be the best riding down the air highway I think he shout from his sleigh don’t forget this pseudo   holiday. I hope you solve it before the Zombies get your brains”
Jack-o’-lantern explorer Find all 4 Fall 2020 Explorer Pins Awarded to members who found all the scavenger hunt clues in October 2020

No Longer Available