Hanson Day Explorer (2022)

2022 Hanson Day Explorer


Image Name Description How to Earn
Rabbit Hat Explorer Complete Day 1 of the HDay Explorer Hint 1: You’re looking for something colorful but not from RGB. You’re thinking of a photo inside a gallery. Something documented while it was incomplete. What now has 24 once had 23.

Hint 2: All you need to do is search this two-word phrase, and open up the blog, in which your Pin’s contained. The first part is what you are, a word that starts with an H, a kind of Homo sapien that no longer lives in caves. The second part starts with L, three letters when it’s read. If you were a Tupperware what goes on your head.

Search for Human Lid

No Longer Available

Half Face Explorer Complete Day 2 of the HDay Explorer Hint 1: Nothing inside my hat, nothing up my sleeves, presto change oh alakazam bibbidi bobbidi! wets tibbar gnihcraes yb evihcra eht ni niP ruoy teg uoy ,od ot tahw tsuj wonk uoy ,ecnetnes siht daer nac uoy fI

Search for Rabbit Stew

No Longer Available

Bad Hare Day Explorer Complete Day 3 of the HDay Explorer Hint 1: This hint is quite a sneaky one, the clue is hard to see. Camouflaged before your eyes, quite hard to perceive. It’s gonna take a highlighter if you’re ever gonna see. 

Hint 2: September 25th 2021

Hint 3: Yesterday we spent some time, deep in intersection. Thank you, you’re welcome, I’m sorry brought revealed band intersections. This famous song was sung by HANSON but with masks of misdirection. The song your looking for says change, and speaks of personal reflection

Search for Man In The Mirror

No Longer Available

Ivory Explorer Complete Day 4 of the HDay Explorer Hint 1: Have you been looking closely? Are you watching every afternoon? Search within, to crack the code, and read the number clues.

Hint #2 5 x 2 + 2 = _12_ of 26
Hint #3 10 + 10 + 5 – 6 + 2 = _21_ of 26
Hint #4 21 ÷ 7 = _3_ of 26
Hint #5 1,009 – 998 = _11_ of 26
Hint #6 425 ÷ 17 = _25_ of 26

Search for LUCKY

No Longer Available

Time Explorer Complete Day 5 of the HDay explorer Hint 1: Neil Sadaka is your first hint. And the girls he loved is where you’ll find it within. In a place we go first but have never been, we won’t be swimming but we’ll be surrounded by fins.

Hint 2: Who’s younger, but not the youngest. Has more than most but less then one by two. Identifies as the color of the sky. Seek him out, your answer where he is described.

Hint 3: All you need to do, to get your Pin is rearrange some colorful men. Like RGB this person was dubbed, but more supreme, someone who famously judged. Don’t rush like the rabbit, just search your mind, and deliberate till the answer you find.

Search for RBG

No Longer Available

Rabbit Foot Explorer Complete Day 6 of the HDay explorer Hint 1: isthay olewhay inthay isyay inyay igpay atinlay . ustjay anslatetray isyay andyay ityay eadsray ancay ouyay eakspay igpay atinlay ? ordlay owknay iyay can’t oday ityay eryvay ellway , utbay ouyay evernay etgay etterbay unlessyay ouyay orkway atyay ityay . ohyay ightray odaytay isyay uchsay anyay easyyay inpay ifyay ouyay ancay akemay ensesay ofyay ethay ungtay . ustjay eadray ethay ordsway otay orldway oesgay oundray , inyay ethay edray eengray ueblay albumyay inyay ethay ansonhay . etnay orestay

Read the lyrics to World Goes Around in the store

No Longer Available

RGB Bunnies Complete Day 7 of the HDa Explorer Hint 1: just one final search. After “do we fight”, this topic is a great obsession. After three, you rarely hear congratulation. Our new mascot can do this at a rate that’s stupefying. They famously replicate of that there’s no denying. So go look for this rhyming word of M that means what I am implying. Where once was two now there are five these things are.

Search multiplying in arhive

No Longer Available

Pin Tamer Explorer Complete All 7 days of the HDay 2022 Explorer No Longer Available
HDay Explorer Check in for Hday Explorer Check in by May 9

No Longer Available