Secret Pins (2014)

2014 Secret

Image Name Description How to Earn
Biometrics Play this instrument TU(O)BA Try looking at the description in a different way to see how this secret pin was awarded.

View the “About” page

Sasquatch Sherlock for hairy animals The clue is in the description. Think about Sherlock and what he does and how that corresponds to an action that can be taken on the website.

Search for “Sasquatch” in the Archive

Delorean Search on Hnet at 88mph Use the description as well as the title of the movie the pin is from to figure out what action may need to be done on the site to earn this.

Search the archive for a date in the future

Birthday Suit Happy B-Day to me! Log in on your birthday
Good Things Happen in May The ides of March, less nine, only in May Log in on Hanson Day (May 6)