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Furry Walls on iTunes – Giveaway

Hanson’s version of “Furry Walls” is now available on iTunes! We will be holding a contest where you could be “gifted” the song on iTunes. (Unfortunately if you live in a country where the song is not available, you can’t win. This is because iTunes won’t let you redeem the gift) The challenge: Get the @HansonTickets twitter to… Read More »


If you want to be an affiliate of the blog or the site, we just had some new icons created and it’s all very easy 🙂 To become an affiliate of, please do the following: Add either the following image: Linked back to to your page Or add a text link to to your… Read More »

Hanson: Timeless Pop, Beyond 'MMMBop'

NPR Most bands would just be taking off as their members hit their mid-20s, but at 29, 27 and 24, Isaac, Taylor and Zachary Hanson are already old pros. The band may still be trying to shake off the stigma surrounding 1997’s chart-topping “MMMBop,” but Hanson (now with shorter hair) has become comfortable in its niche somewhere between… Read More »

This Week at HNET!

Platinum Packages Shipped! We are excited to say that the Shout it Out Platinum and Gold packages have all been shipped and are on their way to you! “These packages are like nothing we have ever done before. A lot of love and time was put into the creation of each package, not only in the painting, but… Read More »

OurStage Quarter Finals are now in effect!

Our Stage judging is now in the Quarter Finals. The top 20 entries go head-to-head for your votes! Judging ends June 27th so be sure to get your votes in! The top 10 will then battle it out starting June 28th! The top 1 contestant will be determined, but it does not mean that they have won! The… Read More »

Hanson Reveal Five Things You Might Not Know About Them

MTV Newsroom Though the oldest member has not yet turned 30, the men from Hanson have been around the block a bit. Apparently, that’s what happens when your band blows up before you get the chance to go to the prom. Now an indie pop rock band with a rabid fan base and a new album, Shout It… Read More »

Hanson Covers Aldous Snow's 'Furry Walls' From 'Get Him To The Greek'

MTV Movies Blog It’s been three weekends since we got a full, sex-drugs-and-rock & roll-fueled introduction to Aldous Snow, the endearingly boorish frontman of Infant Sorrow played by Russell Brand, first glimpsed in 2008’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and given his own movie in this month’s “Get Him to the Greek.” The pop culture impact of Snow’s music is… Read More »

Blogs: Hanson

Herald-Review Those of you who regularly question and disagree with my taste in music might as well stop reading now. I don’t care if you disagree with me, especially on this one, and I really couldn’t care less what you think about my taste. I’ve been listening to music for close to 50 years. I know what I… Read More »

Jason Nott – Drive A Interview

Flecking Records Ever since I was a kid, mainstream music has had its fair share of genre popularity adjustments. From soulful R’n’B to hardcore punk rock, to angry screamo and even jazzy blues. However, one genre which seems to be almost always forgotten in this day and age is that of classic rock n’ roll! One band determined… Read More »

Amidst Riot News, New Albums from Drake and Hanson Rock On

Huffington Post When nearly 20,000 concertgoers descended upon New York City’s South Street Seaport last Tuesday to see a free show by hip-hop newcomer Drake and pop band Hanson, police were prepared for an audience half that size. Reports say chairs and bottles were thrown from a restaurant balcony into a sea of unsuspecting fans below; restless attendees… Read More »