Hanson Reveal Five Things You Might Not Know About Them

By | June 24, 2010

MTV Newsroom

Though the oldest member has not yet turned 30, the men from Hanson have been around the block a bit. Apparently, that’s what happens when your band blows up before you get the chance to go to the prom. Now an indie pop rock band with a rabid fan base and a new album, Shout It Out, they have grown up quite a lot since the “MMMBop” days. And while it feels like there’s so much we already know about Isaac, Zac and Taylor, there is still so much more that feels like a mystery. So, when the guys recently stopped by the MTV Newsroom to chat about their new album and their tour, we decided to have them play a little game we like to call “Five Things We Don’t Know About You.”

And, boy, did we learn a lot.


Here’s what we got:
1: They do, in fact, get into arguments with one another. “It’s pretty intense sometimes,” Isaac says.
2: “We’re not from Australia,” explains Zac. Since they’re actually from Tulsa, Oklahoma, we find it a little strange that this would ever be a misconception.
3: “We’re not Mormon,” declares Taylor.
4 and 5: Zac says, “I have the smallest feet. I have over 30,000 gamer points.”
6: Finally, Taylor finishes it off. “Another foot one,” he says. “I prefer not to wear socks.”

Perhaps one more thing you may not know about Hanson: They always go the extra mile. That’s why they delivered six great facts instead of the normal five. Also, it’s a little unusual they didn’t share their love for fictional bands. Want to know more? Check out the video above for more enlightening revelations straight from the Hanson’s mouth.

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