Jason Nott – Drive A Interview

By | June 24, 2010

Flecking Records

Ever since I was a kid, mainstream music has had its fair share of genre popularity adjustments. From soulful R’n’B to hardcore punk rock, to angry screamo and even jazzy blues. However, one genre which seems to be almost always forgotten in this day and age is that of classic rock n’ roll! One band determined not to let that happen is Drive A. Hailing from the sunny land of Los Angeles, these guys are on a mission to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive – and after seeing them perform in Canada, its safe to say they are definitely bringing “old-school” rock back in style.
We caught up with band member Jason Nott, at the Bamboozle Roadshow in Toronto!

How do you feel having a band like Hanson on some of the dates of this tour?
It’s funny, because when I was like seven I liked Hanson. I wasn’t like a massive fan but I liked them a little bit. I’ve met those guys a couple of times and they’re really nice. They came to some parties on our bus too, and we hung out. They’re super nice guys.

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