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HANSON: A Crazy Week

WEEKLY PIC It’s been a crazy week. Still looking ahead at exciting and fulfilling open roads. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This week has been a little crazy after Zac’s motorcycle accident, but he is on the mend and getting a lot of rest, focused on healing before we go back on the road in just a few weeks,… Read More »

HANSON: Change and Transition

WEEKLY PIC Change is in the air and the last week exemplified that with trips to tropical and mountainous landscapes. Lots of music and concerts ahead as the change in season takes hold! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This week is a one of change and transition. After a first time journey to paradise for our first concert in… Read More »

HANSON: Hello Hawaii!

WEEKLY PIC Our first time in Hawaii was epic. Thanks to everyone who joined us and made us feel welcome. Here’s a view from the top of the iconic Diamond Head Crater. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Thursday, we got the chance to check another location off the bucket list – playing our first show in Hawaii!  It felt… Read More »

HANSON: Wintry Mix is exactly that!

WEEKLY PIC Today, everyone can get tickets for the upcoming Wintry Mix Tour. Who is ready for the open road? MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Compared to the last month, this week has been fairly low key.  We took the week off from recording opting for an ear break and a little extra time to finish lyrics. This past… Read More »

HANSON: Announcement Coming Any Day Now

WEEKLY PIC We’re excited that we’re about to announce a special run of concerts.  Getting excited for bringing Christmas classics and new music to the stage. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND We are hard at work in the studio this week recording a host of new music and making plans to get back to many of our favorite places… Read More »

HANSON: Our Favorite People

WEEKLY PIC Creation was in high gear as we recorded new music for our upcoming Against the World album in one of the most legendary studios in the world, Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama. Tapping into the deep soul of the shoals, no turning back. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND The past few weeks have been a blur… Read More »

HANSON: Inspired By Your Conscience

WEEKLY PIC This week has been one for the record books. Long days, creating album #7.  Inspired, challenged and motivated as we head into Labor day weekend! Have a great week. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND It is very exciting to be in the studio recording this week.  We’re five days into a ten day recording session and at… Read More »

HANSON: It Only Seems Fitting

WEEKLY PIC This weekend we’re priming the creative juices for new music recording with some live music on the east coast. Not a bad way to prepare for album 7. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND For the better part of the last month, we have been going nonstop writing and preparing to record new music, but no matter what… Read More »

HANSON: Exciting Times!

WEEKLY PIC This month we’ve got studio time on the brain. This pic takes us back to Anthem when we were getting all set up to lay down our first notes for that record. Excited to share the next. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND It’s an exciting time in Tulsa. We continue to write and do pre-production for Against… Read More »

HANSON: Moment To Shine

WEEKLY PIC Music work is in progress, which means a whole lot of ’Thinking Face’ time. So many possibilities. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND All work and no play makes HANSON a very productive set of boys… men… people. This week has been wall to wall music, writing songs and getting ready to get into the studio next month to start… Read More »