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HANSON: Bright Spots Every Day

WEEKLY PIC Just like you, we are trying to stay at home while the world works to bring an end to Coronavirus transmission. For everyone who is able, we encourage you to embrace your home time. Make it robe time, coffee time, movie time, maybe even rediscover some music time! Be safe and we will see you soon.

HANSON: Big Changes Coming

WEEKLY PIC This week we are giving you a heads up on the coming BTTI 2021! Save The Date. Here’s a snap from our BTTI 2020 event, can’t wait to return with many of you to the Island.

HANSON: Recording Complete!

WEEKLY PIC This week, we are wrapping up recording of new music and reflecting on the many milestones of album creation over the years. Here is a look back at our session toward the end of our Underneath album. Excited for sharing new music this year.

HANSON: Islanders Make It Possible

WEEKLY PIC BTTI 2020 was better than ever, we hope those of you who joined us feel the same. One highlight for us was great musical guests @milckmusic and @JTHRmusic. Best thing about finishing this year is the chance to return #BTTI2021.


WEEKLY PIC We’ve already had some epic sessions creating new music over the last year, like this one in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Can’t wait to share music in 2020! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Thanks to the season flu going around, this week has been one to survive more than enjoy, but what comes around rarely stays around and… Read More »

HANSON: Still Fresh

WEEKLY PIC Excited to look ahead to 2020! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND 2020 is here, but just over a week in it still feels fresh and full of a million possibilities.  If you are like us, you’re still holding strong to your resolutions even if just by a thread. Last year, we vowed to make 2020 a great… Read More »