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HANSON: Busy Fall

WEEKLY PIC This pic brings us back to the days of desert jams at one of our favorite musical haciendas, Sonic Ranch, and the EP we tracked there in 2014, Music Made For Humans.

HANSON: New Music Available

WEEKLY PIC Last week we finally shared this year’s EP, and that got us reflecting on all the music we have created for the community. Here’s a snap from 2018’s EP, Animal Instincts. Don’t forget all members can listen to membership EPs on our new media player. Thanks for listening.

HANSON: Happy 4th! Come Visit!

WEEKLY PIC We’re all looking forward to a great weekend of celebration here in the US for the 4th of July. We pulled a little something from the archive for the SIO anniversary, so Shout It Out – Happy Independence Day!

HANSON: Message From The Band

MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This last week has rocked us to the core as we grapple with the tragic death of George Floyd, and the violence sweeping our country. We have stood in disbelief at the sound of hateful slurs and the sight of painful conflict, while finding solace in the peaceful marches and the heartfelt expressions of… Read More »

HANSON: Before You Burnout

WEEKLY PIC All week there has been music making for the new EP, some big songs, some small. In this pic Taylor lays down a solo piano for the tune All I Know. Look out for more Sound Bites from the making of posted daily till the end of the month.