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HANSON: The Best Wurst Tour Yet

WEEKLY PIC Our world travel adventure is fully underway with amazing shows from Finland to Germany and so many more ahead. Whether it takes planes, trains or automobiles, we will see you soon!

HANSON: Worth The Wait

WEEKLY PIC The kickoff of the RGB World Tour has been amazing. Here we are live on stage for the first time in Helsinki and it was so inspiring seeing old and new faces as we kick off the tour. Thanks for getting loud with us, here we go!

HANSON: European Tour Begins

WEEKLY PIC Summer tour is upon us, starting with a bunch of shows across Europe this week! Here’s a flashback to the stage during the 2017 Middle Of Everywhere Tour. We can’t wait to see you on the RBG tour stage soon!

HANSON: Release Week

WEEKLY PIC This week we are proud to release the new album Red Green Blue worldwide. We can’t wait to share this new album and celebrate 30 years of music throughout 2022!

HANSON: Live Streaming Every Day!

WEEKLY PIC HANSON DAY 2022 is fully underway in Tulsa and we are SO happy to have so many of you here to celebrate in person again for the first time since 2019! Here’s a collection of images from 2019’s festival gatherings. Can’t wait to share the epic events of 2022.

HANSON: Wild Blue Yonder

WEEKLY PIC Last week, the world was introduced to the epic battle of the Dum Bell’s Gym. We hope you enjoyed the brand new music video for the tune Don’t Let Me Down at least half as much a we did making it … (without the sweaty gym rat fragrance).

HANSON: New Music Out Today!

WEEKLY PIC HANSON music videos will never be the same, after this muscle bound rock epic of Don’t Let Me Down released today. The video features Frankie Muniz, Zach Myers (on rock gtr) and Zac / Reggie Willie complete handlebar stache and bustle to boot. Premiering today!