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HANSON: Despite The Unexpected

WEEKLY PIC Wintry Mix Tour is underway. Thanks to everyone who has joined us so far. Still rockin’ till right before Christmas. Come see us! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND With the Wintry Mix Tour underway this week, we have been having quite a time. Vancouver and Seattle went without a hitch, especially considering the winter weather left us… Read More »

HANSON: Happy Thanksgiving!

WEEKLY PIC This holiday we are Thankful for you! Excited to share food and gather with family and join you on stage in just a few days. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND First things first, Happy Thanksgiving! We are so happy to have spent our lives devoted to making music, and that never could have happened without all the… Read More »

HANSON: Back In Jakarta

WEEKLY PIC Looking out on the vast expanse of Jakarta Indonesia is amazing. Excited to be back after much much too many years away! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This week, we’re back in Jakarta to play our first show here in 15 years. It’s a long way to go to play just one festival, but we’re hoping it… Read More »

HANSON: Christmas Practice

WEEKLY PIC We have live music on the brain, Wintry Mix ahead and Z back on the drums soon. Who will be seeing us this December OR at HDay 2020? MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This week, we are rehearsing Christmas… or more directly practicing Christmas music for the Wintry Mix Tour. We’re just a few weeks away now… Read More »

HANSON Day Dr Approved

WEEKLY PIC Last year’s Hanson Day was the best one yet, but we’re excited to make 2020 even better. Check out the schedule of events just announced today. See you there next May! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND It has been five months since we announced the dates for HANSON Day 2020. We hoped that announcing dates earlier than… Read More »

HANSON: Happy Halloween!!!

WEEKLY PIC This last week we defied the odds and performed our first shows with Z OFF the drums due to injury and our good friend Dash Hutton filling in. It’s been great so far, but Z can’t resist a bit of drum action even if it’s from the other side of the riser. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND… Read More »

HANSON: The Musical Ride

WEEKLY PIC These keys symbolize music history and a look into the future because we are always creating. Looking forward to seeing you at shows this month and next! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND We’re looking forward to a great week of shows starting tonight in Atlantic City, then heading down to Florida for what has become an annual… Read More »

HANSON: What Songs & How?

WEEKLY PIC You’ve heard of behind the scenes images, this is about as all access as you could be, Z’s X-ray after the moto accident, thankfully, he’s on the mend. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND With Zac on the mend this week, things are returning to something much closer to normal. We have been making great progress on the… Read More »

HANSON: A Crazy Week

WEEKLY PIC It’s been a crazy week. Still looking ahead at exciting and fulfilling open roads. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This week has been a little crazy after Zac’s motorcycle accident, but he is on the mend and getting a lot of rest, focused on healing before we go back on the road in just a few weeks,… Read More »

HANSON: Change and Transition

WEEKLY PIC Change is in the air and the last week exemplified that with trips to tropical and mountainous landscapes. Lots of music and concerts ahead as the change in season takes hold! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This week is a one of change and transition. After a first time journey to paradise for our first concert in… Read More »