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Zac Hanson The Celebrity Cafe

TheCelebrityCafe.com Hanson has been rocking the pop scene since “Mmm-Bop” hit MTV in 1997. The boys are all grown up now but they’re still together making music. Hanson’s new album, Shout Out It Out, just hit stores. Zac Hanson spoke with TheCelebrityCafe.com’s Cristen Kleindienst about the newest addition to the Hanson catalogue. TheCelebrityCafe: Is touring more difficult or… Read More »


Best Week Ever Now and again, famous singers or bands will stop by the VH1 offices to regale us for a few minutes out of our usual workday doldrums. But today. Today. We were treated to a live performance by… HANSON. HANSON. Hanson? Hanson. Now, sure, you’re probably thinking what I thought minutes before hearing Hanson live. “Cute!… Read More »

Hanson's Long Journey From My Heart To The MTV Newsroom

MTV Newsroom By Jenna Shulman It seems like just yesterday I was sporting my “I Love Taylor Hanson” T-shirt and singing along to “MMMBop” in the back seat of my mom’s mini-van. The Hanson brothers were all my nine-year-old friends and I could talk about in the late ’90s. As a young fan, I can remember the constant… Read More »

From Kid To Cred: Young Stars Who Grew Up Right

emusic.com Shout It Out by Hanson Yes, the Hanson brothers are still making music. And yes, the chipmunk voices are gone — after all, the guys are well into their 20s and all married with kids. After late-’90s Hanson mania died down, they continued to put out music, ended a years-long struggle with Island/Def Jam, and started their… Read More »

More Sounds Like Paper / Drake Riot Links

Because there is so much coverage on this topic, and most of the articles seem to have the same info, I’m going to make another link post. Free NYC concert canceled after crowd gets unruly Police Stops Free Concert Drake’s Free NYC Concert Cancelled After Near-Riot Chaos Reigns at Riot Over Canceled Drake-Hanson Concert (VIDEO)

Sounds Like Paper – links

Here are a few writeups on the Sounds Like Paper event which was canceled tonight in NYC by the NYPD “Near Riot”: NYPD Shuts Down Drakes Seaport Concert Near Riot Breaks out at Hanson/Drake concert at the Seaport Drake NY Show Shut Down