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Album 7 – Against The World Updates

This post *will* contain spoilers. We will keep it “stickied” to the top of the blog but you will need to click the “Continue reading” link to see any of the actual content. (Unless you’ve been linked to it directly, in which case all bets are off)

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Back To The Island 2021 is being postponed to 6-10 January 2022, but HOLD ON… we’re still going to Paradise!

All over the world we are experiencing a new normal, one that unfortunately for us all includes a lot less gathering together and the need to think differently about health and safety. Over the past weeks we have had to evaluate the continually changing climate around COVID 19 including new standards on travel into Jamaica, policies on social distancing and all the factors that ensure we can host a great and SAFE event for you. Though we have hoped to be able to retain our plans for the coming BTTI 2021 event, the new factors have brought us to conclude that unfortunately Back To The Island 2021 must be postponed. Yes we know, this feels like one more blow in an increasingly uncertain world, BUT the good news is … that we have good news! As artists and event organizers, we want to be good stewards of our guests and put our focus on what we CAN look forward to, so we are looking to 2022 and we hope you will join us.

Good News #1 Again, we are NOT cancelling! We are excited to invite you to transfer your current booking to our new dates in January 2022. It seems wild that we could even look that far ahead, but though far away, it allows us to keep our plans together and honor your commitment to join us in Jamaica!

When? Our revised dates are 6 -10 January 2022.

Where? We’re excited to return to the Jewel Paradise Cove as previously planned for 2021.

What are the details? If you would like to transfer your booking to 2022 you do not need to do anything! You will keep your room, your pricing and discounts, and all of your current payments will be put toward the 2022 event. No further payments will be required until early 2021 when the revised 2022 event on-sale begins. Of course, refunds are also available for those not able to look that far ahead. All of the information can be found here.

Good News #2 Like you, we have a future island escape on the brain, so we are going to host a series of special BTTI themed live streams in January, when we had planned to be together in Jamaica. More info to come on the streams soon!

We are so thankful for you, the incredible community of music fans who have made plans to join us on the Island and we hope you will stick with us as we look ahead to another great (however delayed) excursion in 2022, plus a little virtual celebration in January to dull the sting of this delay.

On behalf of the HANSON and Island Gigs, thank you so much for being a part of Back To The Island and for your understanding, as we work to make every event we host entertaining and SAFE for all.

See you on the island!

HANSON and Island Gigs

Jackson 5 Rules List of Greatest Boyband Songs of All Time


Michael Jackson and his siblings beat NSYNC and New Edition to top the list of the greatest boyband anthems of all time, thanks to their classic hit ‘I Want You Back’.

The Jackson 5 have topped a new poll to find the greatest boy band song of all time.

Michael and Jermaine Jackson and their brothers beat out NSYNC and New Edition to take the top spot on the Rolling Stone countdown.

The outlet studied 75 of the greatest boy band anthems and experts declared The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” was the best of the best.

‘NSYNC came in second with “Bye, Bye, Bye”, ahead of “Candy Girl” by New Edition while Backstreet Boys‘ “I Want It That Way” and “Moon” by BTS completed the top five.

Tracks by One Direction (“What Makes You Beautiful”), Aventura (“Obsession”), Hanson (“MMMBop”), New Kids on the Block (“You Got It (The Right Stuff)”), and LFO (“Summer Girls”) also made the top 10.

HANSON: New Music Available

Last week we finally shared this year’s Hanson.net EP, and that got us reflecting on all the music we have created for the community. Here’s a snap from 2018’s EP, Animal Instincts. Don’t forget all members can listen to membership EPs on our new media player. Thanks for listening.

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Continental Breakfast in Bed is Here!

The new Hanson.net Members EP, “Continental Breakfast (in bed)” was released on Thursday.  If you are a current Hanson.net member you can listen to the guys talk about it on a very special “Hanson Time Podcast” and go a little bit more in depth about some of the songs and when they were written.  If your membership is current for 2020 (ie your expiration date is in 2021) you should be able to head to the orders page when you joined/renewed for 2020 and have a nice “DOWNLOAD” link to get your digital copy.  If you joined/renewed before the end of June and site revamp you are automatically getting a digital AND physical copy.  Physical copies are scheduled to begin shipping August 15.  [The download is a zip and will work best from the device you purchased your membership with.  Some phones are equipped to unzip files]

If you are not yet a Hanson.net member you can choose if you want the Digital + Physical membership or the Digital Only membership – and as soon as you join you’ll be able to download the EP with either option!  This year’s EP has 7 tracks – 3 Taylor leads, 2 Isaac leads and 2 Zac leads!

Lyrics: We know many of you look to our lyrics site for song lyrics.  Currently we are waiting for “official” lyrics to be posted. If they aren’t by next weekend we will probably get antsy and start crowd sourcing.

Reviews are already coming in for the EP – a duo of Holly’s have posted theirs – Scream and Be Frees and If You Give a (Fan) a (Ticket)
If you also plan to write about the EP, be sure to send us a link!

Hanson.net Pin Guide

Since the site’s relaunch in 2014, Hanson.net members have had the opportunity to get “pins” – similar to video game achievements, members have the opportunity to “level up” and get exclusive pins on the website based on different actions taken on the website or events attended in real life.  With the 2020 re-relaunch we decided to make a guide of all the pins and how to obtain them.

Please note that the Hanson.net Tech team is still working on pins since the re-relaunch so some pins that should be available may not be able to be obtained at this time.

We are missing 2020 versions of the 2017 Hansonopoly Bronze, Silver and Gold pins. If anyone knows of a profile with these pins, please send them to blog@hansonstage.com so we can get them included.

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Continental Breakfast In Bed is coming!

Coming this summer, the 2020 Hanson.net Members Only EP!  While Hanson usually does a 5-track Members Only EP recorded during March and released in May at Hanson Day, this year COVID-19 wreaked havoc on their plans, just like it has to so many of us around the world.  After completing recording on “Against the World” the forthcoming full length album in early March, the world went into lock down.  In early April, the band announced that this EP would “count the continents” and contain 7 tracks as opposed to the usual 5.  In May, they were able to get back into the studio with their crew and work on the 7 tracks:

  • Dressed in Brown Eyes
  • Miss You Like Crazy
  • Everyday
  • All I Know
  • Good Days
  • Change
  • ???

The 7th track is thought to be “Begin Again”, as seen on the white board in the background in several of the Hanson.net CBIB video clips that were posted during The Making Of.  The EP is currently off being mixed, mastered, produced and all that other good stuff that goes into making a CD.  But the good news is – fliers included in “Hanson Day” merch orders that have been arriving at fan’s doorsteps say it is “Coming Summer 2020” so – SOON!  And all members who were paid before the new site launch will be getting a DIGITAL version of the EP in addition to a physical one.  Anyone just signing up for hanson.net membership now can choose which type of membership they wish to have.  I think we are all looking forward to having some new music to digest.