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Album 7 – Against The World Updates

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Continental Breakfast In Bed is coming!

Coming this summer, the 2020 Hanson.net Members Only EP!  While Hanson usually does a 5-track Members Only EP recorded during March and released in May at Hanson Day, this year COVID-19 wreaked havoc on their plans, just like it has to so many of us around the world.  After completing recording on “Against the World” the forthcoming full length album in early March, the world went into lock down.  In early April, the band announced that this EP would “count the continents” and contain 7 tracks as opposed to the usual 5.  In May, they were able to get back into the studio with their crew and work on the 7 tracks:

  • Dressed in Brown Eyes
  • Miss You Like Crazy
  • Everyday
  • All I Know
  • Good Days
  • Change
  • ???

The 7th track is thought to be “Begin Again”, as seen on the white board in the background in several of the Hanson.net CBIB video clips that were posted during The Making Of.  The EP is currently off being mixed, mastered, produced and all that other good stuff that goes into making a CD.  But the good news is – fliers included in “Hanson Day” merch orders that have been arriving at fan’s doorsteps say it is “Coming Summer 2020” so – SOON!  And all members who were paid before the new site launch will be getting a DIGITAL version of the EP in addition to a physical one.  Anyone just signing up for hanson.net membership now can choose which type of membership they wish to have.  I think we are all looking forward to having some new music to digest.

New Features! First & Last Heard Live

Hansonstage began because I wanted to keep track of how many times I had heard each song live and figured if it was something I was looking for, other fans might be too.  One thing I had been keeping track of as well, but lost track of once the music catalog got larger and larger, was the first time I had heard a song live.  Due to a “happy little accident” (thanks, Bob Ross!) when coding, in addition to listing the first time you heard a song live the site also shows the last time you heard it live (as long as you have heard it more than once.)

I also did some general layout cleanup to try and get things a big more organized and orderly. (See screenshots below.) Keep in mind, this information can only be pulled from the setlists we have in the database so if we are missing some of your first concerts setlists (especially the case if your first shows were in ’98 or ’00) your list will be pulled from what shows we do have.

If you think your list is incorrect, please cross reference it with the setlists first.  Just because you don’t remember hearing a song, doesn’t mean the site is wrong 😉  If after double checking you do still notice any issues, email tickets@hansonstage.com.  Issues will be worked through on a first come, first serve basis from this email account only.

There will be a “loading” bar/pause if your show list takes longer to load.   These changes can be seen through the ‘what songs have you heard live’ part of the site as well as individual username links.

Disney World cancels Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Eat to the Beat concerts

Orlando Sentinel

Walt Disney World has canceled the 2020 edition of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and has tweaked the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, the company announced Thursday evening.

Not-So-Scary is an after-hours, extra-ticket event at Magic Kingdom theme park, and it typically begins in mid-August and runs through early November. It has included in-park trick-or-treating, Mickey’s Boo-to-You Halloween Parade and themed fireworks. Its cancellation is the latest theme-park development tied to the coronavirus pandemic, which also forced the shutdown of all Walt Disney World theme parks and hotels.

“We determined that many of its hallmarks — stage shows, parades and fireworks — are unable to take place in this new, unprecedented environment,” a post on the official Disney Parks Blog said in announcing the changes.

Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are scheduled to reopen — with restrictions — on July 11. Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot are set to reopen July 15.

When Epcot returns, it will feature “A Taste of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival,” the blog announced Thursday. Epcot’s popular food and wine event typically begins in September.

The event will be “offering over 20 signature global marketplaces like Hawaii, Hops & Barley, and Islands of the Caribbean, spaced out around the park,” the blog post says. It will continue into the fall, the blog said without being specific about an end date.

However, the event’s Eat to the Beat concert series, featuring dozens of artists at the America Garden Theatre, will not be produced in 2020, Disney says.

“There will be plenty of music to enjoy at America Gardens Theatre with local Epcot entertainment such as Mariachi Cobre, the JAMMitors and more,” the blog post said. Their performances will be sprinkled throughout the day, Disney aid.

In addition, Disney H2O Glow Nights, a special event at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park, will not take place for the rest of 2020, Disney said.

Decisions were not announced about Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom or the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays, including Candlelight Processional.

HANSON: Message From The Band


This last week has rocked us to the core as we grapple with the tragic death of George Floyd, and the violence sweeping our country. We have stood in disbelief at the sound of hateful slurs and the sight of painful conflict, while finding solace in the peaceful marches and the heartfelt expressions of empathy and compassion.

We heard many express fear and hurt at the misuse of force by police, and we believe our officers should be held to the highest code of conduct – to ‘protect and serve’. We are inspired by the courageous actions of those seeking to challenge the status quo. We denounce all forms of racism and any actions which prevent us from achieving our highest ideals, that all are created equal.

As artists, we have always believed that our primary role is to make a better world through the messages in our music – light, love, hope, and respect for all people.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac

Lyrics Search by Google

The lyrics search has been upgraded to be run by Google.  If you are looking for a particular word or phrase in a Hanson song (or cover!), head to the Search page and give it a try.  If you notice anything missing from searches or anything that otherwise doesn’t seem quite right, please let us know at blog@hansonstage.com so we can look into it.  Utilizing Google for searching allows you to get results quickly and accurately along with a snippet of the lyrics being shown without having to go to the full lyrics page if it is not needed.  This had worked out for the lyrics search several years ago and we are glad we were able to bring it back once again.

HANSON: Before You Burnout


All week there has been music making for the new EP, some big songs, some small. In this pic Taylor lays down a solo piano for the tune All I Know. Look out for more Sound Bites from the making of posted daily till the end of the month.

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