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Hanson.net Pin Guide

Since the site’s relaunch in 2014, Hanson.net members have had the opportunity to get “pins” – similar to video game achievements, members have the opportunity to “level up” and get exclusive pins on the website based on different actions taken on the website or events attended in real life.  With the 2020 re-relaunch we decided to make a guide of all the pins and how to obtain them.

Please note that the Hanson.net Tech team is still working on pins since the re-relaunch so some pins that should be available may not be able to be obtained at this time.

We are missing 2020 versions of the 2017 Hansonopoly Bronze, Silver and Gold pins. If anyone knows of a profile with these pins, please send them to blog@hansonstage.com so we can get them included.

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Album 7 – Against The World Updates

This post *will* contain spoilers. We will keep it “stickied” to the top of the blog but you will need to click the “Continue reading” link to see any of the actual content. (Unless you’ve been linked to it directly, in which case all bets are off)

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One Hit Thunder – Episode 57 – MMMBop by Hanson

One Hit Thunder

We are joined once again by Matthew Milligan of the band Wheatus who joins us to discuss the pop sensation that was Hanson and their song MMMBop. Him and Producer Matt are long term Hanson fans but right before this episode was recorded they learned of the terrible career choices the Hanson Brothers made on their socials during 2020 and had a [lot] to process it into a comedy podcast 2 days later.

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‘Are we still a band?’: Nick Jonas assures a worried Kevin the family band is still together on ‘SNL’

USA Today

Don’t worry, Kevin Jonas, the Jonas Brothers aren’t going anywhere.

Appearing over the weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” Nick Jonas, who joked his name was short for “Nicholas Jonas Brothers,” served as host and musical guest. Though he was appearing as a solo act, his brother and bandmate Kevin dropped in with a burning question.

“Hey, Nick. Honestly, I am so excited to be here and to support you,” said Kevin, 33. “And also, I gotta ask: Are we good? I see you’re doing a lot of solo stuff. Are we still a band?”

Nick, 28, reassured his eldest brother that they were cool. On Thursday, Nick released a new single as a solo act called “Spaceman” and announced a new album out March 12.

But Kevin still wasn’t entirely convinced: “Are you sure? Because, like, I just bought a house.”

“Kevin, the band is still together. I promise,” Nick replied.

The questions didn’t stop there. Kevin also checked in with Nick to see if “MMMBop” was part of their discography.

“What? No. But I’m glad you’re here,” Nick replied, before prompting Kevin to take his seat. (C’mon Kevin, “MMMBop” was Hanson.)

Nick Jonas hosted and served as musical guest on the Feb. 27 episode, performing "Spaceman" and "This is Heaven."


HANSON: Do it all again in 2021

Music lives in certain places. Cain’s Ballroom has been the home of music of every style for over a century. We’re proud to continue to bring live-streaming events and special Hanson.net events to this room through high times and hard times. The music lives.

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New Feature: Verified Lyrics

We are working on a new feature in the lyrics section of the site.  If lyrics have come from Hanson’s album notes or Hanson.net, they will have a next to the title to show that they have been verified.  This means they should be accurate.  This also goes for cover songs where lyrics came from official (or Google-ish) sources.  Songs without the check mark are lyrics that we have crowd sourced or transcribed ourselves and while they still may be correct, they have not been verified by the band.  (Some songs still going through the verification process may not have the check mark yet either, as this is a work in progress and we still have a few more CDs and tracks to go through.)



MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: This year “HANSON Day” is happening ALL WEEK LONG with a mix of streaming broadcasts and live concerts May 17th through 23rd!

Festivities kick off with the world premiere of Crossroads, our 2021 Members Only EP, and it all culminates with the HANSON Day live concert on Saturday May 22nd, and Members only Nightcap Sunday the 23rd. We are so grateful for this amazing community of fans that have helped us pull through one of our toughest years ever, and are really excited to share a full week of music, cool projects, and of course our plans for the future. HANSON Day is both a celebration of our anniversary, but also of you, the Hanson.net community, so everything all week long is Members Only, especially the limited in person tickets available for the Friday and Saturdays concerts. We will be playing HNet Explorer every day of the week, as well as hosting virtual Meet and Greets throughout, so no matter where you’re watching from you will have a chance to get in on the action. We hope you will join us!

For full schedule and details, CLICK HERE.

HANSON: Explore With Us

We have come a long way since our first Back To The Island event back in 2013. In this shot we’re gathered together at our first event, making custom tie dye shirts. Who was there? And who is planning to join us at BTTI 2022?

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A Media Fabrica Presentation EPISODE 11: BAND OF BROTHERS [December 22, 2020]

In episode 11 of Your Life Depends on it, Taylor Hanson (of Hanson) discusses the devastation of food deserts in rural areas and his work fighting them with Food on the Move.  In a follow-up on the Three Things about Everything blog, Dr. Dave Schneider goes deeper into the Oklahoma native’s incredible mission while exploring the royalty structure within the music industry and the undeniably unique history of Taylor’s home state.


Dr. Dave Schneider hosts musician and recording artist Taylor Hanson to discuss the creative process when working with family and his efforts to eradicate hunger in Oklahoma.


Host Mark Steele and resident expert Dr. Dave Schneider, M.D., interview musician and recording artist Taylor Hanson. Taylor has spent the last 25 years of his life creating music with his brothers as a member of the superstar band, Hanson. When Taylor isn’t touring and releasing albums, he is working on eradicating hunger within his home state of Oklahoma.

Taylor talks to us about his work with Food On the Move, an organization fighting to solve the predicament of food deserts. He discusses his life mission of building bridges and not walls, to bring people together instead of separating us. This philosophy begins within his own family.