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Album 7 – Against The World Updates

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It’s Been 23 Years Since MMMBop, So Where Are Hanson Now?

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Taylor Hanson has recently announced that his 7th child is on the way! No, I’m not lying, it’s really his 7th!

So, it had me thinking…where are Hanson now? It’s been 23 years since we were introduced to the 90s hit, MMMBop, and the long-haired beautiful souls who came along with it.

From marriage and (lots of) babies to performing, I dug deep to find out where Isaac, Taylor & Zac Hanson are now:


Taylor Hanson and Wife Natalie Expecting Seventh Child: ‘Grateful for This Fresh Wave of Joy’


Notably, Taylor Hanson and his brothers Isaac and Zac are the oldest of seven children

Taylor Hanson
Taylor Hanson and wife Natalie

It’s lucky seven for Taylor Hanson!

The Hanson musician, 37, and his wife of 18 years, Natalie, are expecting their seventh child together, he announced on Instagram Tuesday alongside a sweet photo of the couple holding hands in a field.

“The best kind of unexpected. Number seven coming this December. #2020,” Taylor wrote.

In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, he adds, “Our family is thrilled to be welcoming a new member later this year. More than ever, we are especially grateful for this fresh wave of joy.”

Wrote Natalie in the caption of a similar photo on her Instagram, “Biggest little surprise in a long time. Baby number seven coming this December🙏🏼❤️😊”

Taylor’s rep confirmed his youngest child Claude Indiana Emmanuel‘s birth exclusively to PEOPLE in 2018, sharing that he was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Dec. 26 of that year.

“Our new little man, Indy, is the best gift our family could imagine. His arrival brings with it a new sense of adventure and excitement for the future,” the “If Only” crooner and his wife told PEOPLE at the time.

The family’s little one on the way will join Indiana plus big sisters Wilhelmina “Willa” Jane, 8 next month, and Penelope “Penny” Anne, 15, as well as brothers Viggo Moriah, 11, River Samuel, 14, and Jordan Ezra, who turns 18 on Halloween.

Notably, Taylor is one of seven children himself — in fact, he and brothers Zac and Isaac Hanson are the oldest in a family that includes another brother and three sisters.

Isaac, 39, has three kids of his own — daughter Nina Odette, 6½, plus sons James Monroe, 12, and Clarke Everett, 13 — while Zac, 34, is a father of four: daughters Mary Lucille Diana, 4, and Junia Rose Ruth, 9½, plus sons George Abraham Walker, 7 next month, and John Ira Shepherd, 12.

Brother Mac, who’s also a musician, is expecting his first child this month, a son, with wife Nicole, with whom he tied the knot last month.

“We were playing this one close to the vest, but then she grew out of the vest. Baby Boy Hanson coming Sept 2020 #YouCanCallMeDaddy,” he captioned their pregnancy announcement in May.


Uncool with Alexa Bliss podcast to debut on Tuesday, Sept. 22


STAMFORD, CONN., September 8, 2020 – WWE today announced Uncool with Alexa Blissa new podcast series debuting on Tuesday, September 22. Hosted by WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss, the podcast will transport listeners back in time when Bliss and her guests discuss their most nostalgic, cringeworthy and laugh-out-loud moments from before their fame and success. Listen to the trailer here.

Each Tuesday, Alexa will sit down with WWE Superstars and celebrity guests to celebrate all things “Uncool.” From awkward first dates to fashion faux pas and everything in between, nothing is off limits. WWE Superstar The Miz will kick off the premiere episode with other weekly guests, including Lance Bass, Nikki & Brie Bella, Ryan Cabrera, James Iglehart, Taylor Hanson, Nikki Glaser, Jon Heder and more.

“Uncool will take listeners down memory lane by reliving embarrassing, quirky tween moments and reminiscing about younger years while offering laughs along the way,” said Bliss. “Fans will get to see just how cool it is to be uncool.”

Listeners can subscribe to Uncool with Alexa Bliss on all audio streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Pandora. Full-length videos of each episode will be available the following week on WWE Network and WWE’s YouTube channel.

Alexa has been an athlete her entire life, having previously competed in gymnastics, softball, cheerleading and as a professional bodybuilder before joining WWE in 2013. She is a five-time WWE Women’s Champion, two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion and an unapologetic Disney fanatic who loves all things 90s and early 2000s. When she is not competing or podcasting, you can find her at home with her famous pet pig Larry Steve enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up on her favorite shows.

Hanson to hold a new concert series at Cain’s


After more than 20 years of making music, Hanson continues to connect with fans across the world.

The Tulsa-based band isn’t letting the pandemic be an exception.

Hanson is holding a new concert series, which they hope is a small step toward saving the industry they love.

“It was kind of the perfect match.”

Zac, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson are ready to perform music again, both virtually and in-person at Tulsa’s historic Cain’s Ballroom.

“Part of our confidence in the process [Cain’s] already set in place,”

Not only is Cain’s following CDC guidelines requiring masks, temperature checks, social distancing, and limited ticket sales, they are seating tables. One person buys a four-seated table, so that person decides who sits with them.

“You’ve just gotta be reasonable, as safe as best as you can.”

Zac says illness has always been top of mind as a touring musician.

“It’s the cold season and people might have the flu, and there’s a meet-and-greet and you’re meeting fans and there’s a line.”

They are not downplaying coronavirus, but feel this style of a concert is the right time and a safe and small start.

“Kinda feels like we have the best we can do, while also trying to look forward, sort of bridge us where we are and into the future.”

The Hansons fear that the future of the music business as a whole is grim if help isn’t available in the present.

They’re urging fans to buy streaming tickets or merchandise.

“Especially places like theatres and places like Cain’s when a good chance that they might not stay open.”

The pandemic has cost the event industry $800 million and roughly 12 million jobs.

The concert series begins Oct. 9 and will include three shows each month through January, each with its own theme.

New Music Friday


Mmmbop, ba duba NOPE: Hanson, “Miss You Like Crazy” – I am unsure whether this track is supposed to be an ode to Billy Joel or an earnest attempt at making music. Either way, Hanson is all grown up and utterly devoid of any lyrical or vocal talent. The vocals are so awful that half of what lead Hanson brother is trying to sing is indiscernible. But it appears Hanson brother #2 has retained some strumming skills so good for him. —SM

HANSON: Live Again

This image captures the life and energy of the live music experience during our Live and Electric Tour at the Palais Theater in Melbourne Australia. We’re excited to bring that live energy and excitement to Cain’s Ballroom and streaming screens next month. Tell us about your favorite live venue to see music!

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‘Save our Stages’

Congresswoman Horn and company spoke outside The Paramount Room, 701 W Sheridan Ave., which recently closed, permanently, to discuss the importance of passing legislation to support small businesses that rely on live performances for crowds large and small.


‘Save Our Stages’ seeks help for struggling live music venues


The fight is on to save small businesses in Oklahoma City and elsewhere after COVID-19 forced many of them to shut down.

Business owners and musicians gathered Thursday to push for legislation to “save our stages,” as the initiative is being called.

The Paramount Room’s story could be that of many of the live performance venues that were hammered by the pandemic. In 2019 the Paramount Room opened for live music and events. A little over a year later, it’s closing.

“We were simply too small and too new to weather the storm of the pandemic,” Paramount Room operating partner Jeremiah Holland said.

Although the Paramount Room is gone, Holland doesn’t want other venues to suffer the same fate. To help prop them up, he’s part of the Save Our Stages group. Many of the members are on the brink of closing as well.

“It’s been a real punch in the gut for Lyric Theatre with the loss of $2 million this season,” said Michael Baron, Lyric’s producing artistic director.

Over at Jones Assembly, musician and owner Graham Colton described the challenges.

“We’re trying to find creative ways to keep music alive, but it’s very difficult right now,” he said.

Jamie Fitzgerald of DCF concerts echoed his comments.

“In our sixth month of zero revenue, we are in dire straights,” he said.

Also weighing in with support was Tulsa native and musician with the group Hanson, Taylor Hanson.

“No industry has been hit harder than live music,” he said.

U.S. Rep. Kendra Horn, D-Oklahoma City, called for passage of the Restart Act, which would provide financial help and unemployment benefits to small businesses facing hardship.

“This is the time for us to take action – this is something that we can do They need our help now,” she said.

Horn’s opponent in the November election, Stephanie Bice, said the president has acted quickly to help small businesses in Oklahoma and across the country.

But, she said, “We do need to consider additional (Paycheck Protection Program) dollars that are very targeted that would help those industries that continue to struggle.”