Furry Walls on iTunes – Giveaway

By | June 29, 2010

Hanson’s version of “Furry Walls” is now available on iTunes! We will be holding a contest where you could be “gifted” the song on iTunes. (Unfortunately if you live in a country where the song is not available, you can’t win. This is because iTunes won’t let you redeem the gift)

The challenge:
Get the @HansonTickets twitter to 500 followers!

Tweet telling your friends to follow @HansonTickets. Please only tweet a maximum of 3 times a day, and keep them a couple of hours apart. Tweeting more than this per day will disqualify you from the contest

If we get to 500 followers by next Wednesday at Noon (Eastern Time) 5 people who told their friends to follow us will be chosen to “win” a copy of Furry Walls.

For every 100 followers we get over 500, there will be another winner. For example, if we get to 600 followers there will be 6 winners, 700 there will be 7 winners, etc.

For additional entries:
Submit a photo to the Musical Ride. You may only submit a total of 3 for extra entries and all entries must be submitted to hansontickets@gmail.com with your twitter name so we can keep track of the entries. Anything submitted through the tumblr will not count towards this contest (but will be posted on the site, of course!)

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