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Perennial Live Tickets!

Once again, since the Streaming Tour won’t have tickets, we decided to make some.  Just 1 option this time unlike the In Person / Streaming options we did for Live & Electric Revisited.

Live & Electric Revisited – This Weekend!

This weekend Hanson will be doing THREE streaming shows from Cain’s Ballroom and streaming them world wide.  While the theme for all 3 is “Live & Electric Revisited” this will only anchor the setlist and no 2 shows will be exactly the same. There seems to be a lot of confusion so hopefully this will help: The shows… Read More »

Site Updates

We have been busy working on some updates and upgrades to the site! We are happy to announce they are now LIVE! NOTE! Some accounts may have lost some concerts in their show count.  If you think this is the case with your account you can either: 1) Add them back by going to each of the tour… Read More »

2020 Summer Special: Better Late Than Never

Something to keep you company while you hide from the current worldwide apocalypse. Obviously Hanson Day was cancelled this year, but we’re still able to have a discussion on the new Continental Breakfast (in bed) fan club EP, in a nightmare conversation scenario where all three participants have nearly the same name. Plus we dig in to ridiculous… Read More »

Continental Breakfast in Bed is Here!

The new Members EP, “Continental Breakfast (in bed)” was released on Thursday.  If you are a current member you can listen to the guys talk about it on a very special “Hanson Time Podcast” and go a little bit more in depth about some of the songs and when they were written.  If your membership is… Read More » Pin Guide

Since the site’s relaunch in 2014, members have had the opportunity to get “pins” – similar to video game achievements, members have the opportunity to “level up” and get exclusive pins on the website based on different actions taken on the website or events attended in real life.  With the 2020 re-relaunch we decided to make a… Read More »

Continental Breakfast In Bed is coming!

Coming this summer, the 2020 Members Only EP!  While Hanson usually does a 5-track Members Only EP recorded during March and released in May at Hanson Day, this year COVID-19 wreaked havoc on their plans, just like it has to so many of us around the world.  After completing recording on “Against the World” the forthcoming full… Read More »

New Features! First & Last Heard Live

Hansonstage began because I wanted to keep track of how many times I had heard each song live and figured if it was something I was looking for, other fans might be too.  One thing I had been keeping track of as well, but lost track of once the music catalog got larger and larger, was the first… Read More »