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Islands & a Stream

Member Exclusive: Join HANSON in two weeks for a special weekend of streaming music live from 3CG studios. All you need to do to watch is be a member! Friday January 29th tune in for a special concert bringing together three solo sets from Isaac Taylor and Zac, something never before seen outside the Island. Saturday January 30th enjoy a… Read More »

Hanson 2020 Year In Review

January 2020 started off pretty quiet in the Hanson Camp, with promises of lots of music and concerts to come! Islanders received their back to the island itineraries. The odds were not in our favor when once again crashed while we tried to buy tickets for Hanson Day.  Valentine’s day merchandise was released – 2 new t-shirts,… Read More »

The H-Bomb Show: 2020 Holiday Special

Ho-ho-holy cow it’s our 5th annual holiday episode! We haven’t got much new to talk about since our prior show a few months ago, so for this one we’re doing a long overdue project, ranking each hanson net EP from the beginning in 2003 up to today. Plus: some thoughts on the recently released Perennial h net compilation,… Read More »

Perennial Live Tickets!

Once again, since the Streaming Tour won’t have tickets, we decided to make some.  Just 1 option this time unlike the In Person / Streaming options we did for Live & Electric Revisited.

Live & Electric Revisited – This Weekend!

This weekend Hanson will be doing THREE streaming shows from Cain’s Ballroom and streaming them world wide.  While the theme for all 3 is “Live & Electric Revisited” this will only anchor the setlist and no 2 shows will be exactly the same. There seems to be a lot of confusion so hopefully this will help: The shows… Read More »

Site Updates

We have been busy working on some updates and upgrades to the site! We are happy to announce they are now LIVE! NOTE! Some accounts may have lost some concerts in their show count.  If you think this is the case with your account you can either: 1) Add them back by going to each of the tour… Read More »

2020 Summer Special: Better Late Than Never

Something to keep you company while you hide from the current worldwide apocalypse. Obviously Hanson Day was cancelled this year, but we’re still able to have a discussion on the new Continental Breakfast (in bed) fan club EP, in a nightmare conversation scenario where all three participants have nearly the same name. Plus we dig in to ridiculous… Read More »