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Underneath Song Stats

Kicking off the Summer Concert Series in August will be Hanson’s first independent release, Underneath.  The album’s debut single, Penny and Me, clocks in as having been played live the most with 708 times, but there are a few rarities in the lineup – Misery has only been played 21 times, Believe 31 times, Lullabelle 45 times and… Read More »

The Walk Song Stats

Finishing out the August Summer Concert Series will be 2007’s release, The Walk.  While Go was the single off this album and has a decent amount of plays at 225, The Walk also features tour staples Been There Before that has been played 353 times and Something Going Round that has been played 229 times.  The album’s title… Read More »

ATW + TTA Thoughts

Last night Hanson played the second concert of their “ATW +” Summer Concert Series, this time featuring their sophomore album This Time Around.  Once again, the album in its entirety was included in the setlist. They also threw in one of the B-sides from the album, Smile.  Magic Carpet Ride, a cover played both on the Albertane Tour… Read More »

ATW+MON Show Thoughts

Last night Hanson kicked off their “ATW +” Summer Concert series with the “ATW + MON” show which featured their debut album, Middle of Nowhere, in its entirety as well as the rarely played B-side, Cried.  In addition to the MON songs they also did a few songs that were featured on the Live from Albertane release recorded… Read More »

This Time Around Song Stats

The second of the Summer Concert Series of “Against the World +” will feature select songs from Hanson’s sophomore album, fan favorite This Time Around. The most played tracks from this album are of course the singles – This Time Around and If Only. The more rare tracks from this album to be played live are Sure About… Read More »

Middle of Nowhere Song Stats

The first of the “Against the World +” Summer Concert Series will feature select songs from Hanson’s debut album, Middle of Nowhere.  While these songs have been around the longest of the entire catalog, we are missing some setlists from 1998 so these stats may not be completely accurate.  It seems that MMMBop and Where’s the Love will… Read More »

HANSON: Stream From Albertane

STREAM FROM ALBERTANE As we prepare for a 2021 full of live streaming concerts, we want to make sure you have the best possible experience, so we are gathering together to reflect on our live-concert history and putting our live streaming platform to the test. This free livestreaming watch party is welcome for all to come and join… Read More »

Taylors 70s Power Pop DJ Set Playlist

My Sharona – The Knack You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC Don’t Ever Change – Hanson Surrender – Cheap Trick Just What I Needed – The Cars Jump – VanHalen One Way Or Another – Blondie What I Like About You – Romantics Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet I Want Candy – Bow… Read More »