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Pop & Rock Listings

By | May 1, 2010

nytimes.com HANSON (Friday) Although it once commanded a Jonas Brothers-esque power over wheezing teenage girls (the drummer Zac Hanson was only 12 when the group’s jingly “MmmBop” topped charts around the world), Hanson has evolved into a nuanced and largely respected musical outfit, embraced by members of the jam-band circuit. Hanson is wrapping up a… Read More »

This week at HNET!

By | May 1, 2010

aLive@hnet Live Streaming! aLive@hnet live streaming events are back! This week we are streaming every moment of the 5 of 5 at Gramercy Theatre for FREE to the public! Join us tonight for a track by track performance of The Walk, and DO NOT MISS Friday when the guys will be playing Shout It Out… Read More »

152 Minutes With Hanson

By | May 1, 2010

NYMag.com Brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are dads now, still selling out shows in New York, and more or less comfortable with their massively successful juvenilia. On a violently windy afternoon in Tribeca, the all-grown-up brothers Hanson—Isaac, 29; Taylor, 27; and Zac, 24—are inside the Odeon, debating how déclassé sliders are. “Tay, did you see… Read More »