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Pop & Rock Listings

nytimes.com HANSON (Friday) Although it once commanded a Jonas Brothers-esque power over wheezing teenage girls (the drummer Zac Hanson was only 12 when the group’s jingly “MmmBop” topped charts around the world), Hanson has evolved into a nuanced and largely respected musical outfit, embraced by members of the jam-band circuit. Hanson is wrapping up a string of shows… Read More »

This week at HNET!

aLive@hnet Live Streaming! aLive@hnet live streaming events are back! This week we are streaming every moment of the 5 of 5 at Gramercy Theatre for FREE to the public! Join us tonight for a track by track performance of The Walk, and DO NOT MISS Friday when the guys will be playing Shout It Out in its entirety… Read More »

152 Minutes With Hanson

NYMag.com Brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are dads now, still selling out shows in New York, and more or less comfortable with their massively successful juvenilia. On a violently windy afternoon in Tribeca, the all-grown-up brothers Hanson—Isaac, 29; Taylor, 27; and Zac, 24—are inside the Odeon, debating how déclassé sliders are. “Tay, did you see these?” Zac asks… Read More »