American Idol loses potential winner: Glory note on Shania tune proves ignominious for Siobhan Magnus.

By | May 1, 2010

Yes, America got it wrong. Again.

Yes, Siobhan Magnus deserved better than a Top 5 finish on a year most Idol followers admit has an It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing note to it.

And, yes, the Idol judges’ comments don’t mean spit when taking the Justin Bieber/Aaron Kelly factor into consideration.

Even so, it was disconcerting – pun intended – to see the Marston Mills, Mass., 20-year-old with mad vocal ability go the way of Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia, especially as Magnus’s punky cover Tuesday of Shania Twain’s Any Man of Mine drew begrudging praise from Idol’s resident curmudgeon (the one with the English accent, as if you have to guess).

Interestingly, Idol chat rooms and online fan forums were cooler to Magnus’s glory-note-fuelled take on Any Man of Mine, with many fans picking up on the inconsistency. “The last note was amazing,” one fan posted on Brian Mansfield’s Idol Chatter blog at, “especially because the second- to-last note was a disaster.”

Magnus’s exit Wednesday was emotional but not mawkish, as Randy Jackson told her – straight up, dawg – not to be discouraged, to stay true to herself and that she has an amazing career ahead of her.

“Give Simon a hug,” Ryan Seacrest goaded Magnus. “He’s going to miss you. ”

This, after Cowell had said in recent weeks that he had more-or-less given up on her, for her wacky mannerisms, bizarre song choices and freaky stage presence.

“I AM going to miss you,” Cowell said.

When first introduced to Idol fans, Magnus hinted at things to come on her official Idol bio.

First music purchased: “When I was in the first grade, the first tape that was mine was the MMMBop single by Hanson. I still adore them wholeheartedly. I am the biggest Hanson fan. I’ve seen them four times. I cried every time.”

Theme night she thought she’d most enjoy: “Maybe a jazz theme or big-band.”

The theme she thought she’d be most anxious about: “Country. I’ve never really done that. I think I could do it if I had to, but it’s not my favourite. ”

Words of prophecy, as it turned out.

Ironically, the song she most wanted to perform, but couldn’t, because she didn’t think it would be a good fit: “I thought about doing My Way by Frank Sinatra, because it’s my grandfather’s favourite song. I just feel it’s a song Simon would say, `That was indulgent,’ because it’s a song you’re supposed to sing when you’re an accomplished performer.”

That’s ironic, because next week’s theme is . . . Frank Sinatra, with guest mentor, Harry Connick, Jr.

Yes, America got it wrong. Again.

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