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event Hanson Also Playing: Rooney

avclub.com Love it or hate it, “MMMBop” became a pop classic that offered one last breath of innocence before radio turned ugly and/or utterly vapid. With the rise of boy bands, mini Mariah Careys, and rap-rock nasties, Hanson’s days were numbered, and when the young trio began making more mature alternative pop, it was shunned by radio and… Read More »

Hanson Play New Album in NYC

Spin.com Yes, Hanson are still around. And on Friday night at New York City’s Gramercy Theater, as they debuted their new album Shout It Out (out June 8) live, the Tulsa, OK, brothers showed what keeps them — and their fans — ticking 13 years after “MMMBop” stormed the world’s pop charts: Love. Lots of it. The 130-minute… Read More »