Take The Walk Book/EP – DELAYED

By | September 6, 2008

With presales for the Take The Walk book/ep supposed to be starting this weekend, Hanson.net sent out an email stating that the presale was delayed. The good news is – it seems like there might be the opportunity for it to be released more mainstream. The bad news – it doesn’t seem like Hanson knows when it will become available!

We are delaying the beginning of the pre-sale for Take the Walk Book and EP to pursue new opportunities that have arisen which might expand the message and audience of The Walk Around The World.

Zac: “We know that many of you have been getting ready for the release of Take The Walk Book and EP. We are still planning on making the EP and book available before the end of the tour, but feel like it is important to pursue every opportunity and partnership that might help spread the message of The Walk Around The World.”

Hopefully any potential partnerships will work themselves out sooner rather than later – so we can get some new music and check out this new book! AND get the word out about the walks!

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