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"Camp Hanson" in Louisville, KY

By | August 30, 2008

Something cool that the venue is doing in Kentucky.. I Just wanted to let everyone know a little information about what City Block Louisville will be doing for all the Hanson Fans. This year we will be opening “Camp Hanson”. This will be a secure area (Fenced-In) that everyone that arrives early can camp in.… Read More »

New Merch!

By | August 23, 2008 sent out a newsletter earlier today with some info about merch for this tour. Of course the big item this tour will be the Take The Walk coffee table book and EP. Which will include 4 brand new songs recorded especially for the EP as well as an acapella version of “Change in My… Read More »

Opening Acts

By | August 21, 2008

Hanson has 4 opening acts that will be with them on this falls “Walk Around the World” tour! The schedule is a little tricky to follow, but we have it all mapped out on the walk around the world tour page! The openers are: Announced 7/17 – Dave Barnes (Orlando – Chicago) Announced 8/18 –… Read More »

HIVSA pennies

By | August 21, 2008

Late last year, sponsored the creation of some ‘Hanson pennies’ which are being sold for a minimum donation of $1 per penny. In March, we reached our initial goal of $250+ and a check was mailed to HIVSA via Global Strategies for $265. These pennies were limited to a pressing of 300 and there… Read More »

Hello World

By | August 21, 2008

Welcome to the future home of’s blog!  We will discuss past and present opening acts, perhaps talk to a few of the local openers from tours… and just talk about all things hanson concerts! Check back soon, we hope to have some more content!