Daily Archives: September 11, 2008

Article: The boys are back

The Backstreet Boys perform Tuesday at the Saddledome. Hanson performs Sept. 12 at MacEwan Hall. New Kids on the Block perform at the Saddledome on Nov. 19. Just over a year ago, being part of a boy band was considered to be the dorkiest gig in pop. Unless your name was Justin Timberlake, the mid-2000s was a cruel… Read More »

Vancouver 9/10/08

1. Change in My Life 2. Been There Before 3. Strong Enough to Break 4. Follow Your Lead 5. Where’s the Love 6. Crazy Beautiful 7. Something Going ‘Round 8. Where Did it Start [Zac Solo] 9. Love Me (Cover) [Taylor Solo] 10. Underneath 11. Penny and Me 12. Deeper 13. Great Divide 14. Hope it Comes Soo… Read More »