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Article: Hanson cherishes autonomy

By | September 10, 2008

EDMONTON – In the late ’90s, Hanson’s first hit, MMMBop, was so out of place during that grungy, angsty time that it was used as an instrument of torture on a Saturday Night Live sketch. And sure, to a morose teenager, there was nothing hip about the bright, Jackson 5-inspired tune, but admit it: secretly… Read More »

Matt Wertz EP – Free!

By | September 10, 2008

Amazon.com is offering Matt Wertz “Where We Started” EP (7 tracks) for FREE until September 15th. This is a great way to become familiar with him before he opens for your shows – or to see what you’re missing! You will need to have an Amazon.com email newsletter account to take advantage of this offer,… Read More »