What Locksley has been up to…

By | September 5, 2008

I’m sure you all remember Locksley – who opened on last fall’s leg of the Walk tour. Here’s a little update of what is going on in the wonderful world of Locksley –

They will be on MTV’s “Choose or Lose” tour – which kicks off October 5 in Boston MA and wraps up November 1 in New York. (For more dates, check out their myspace)

They have 3 songs available for “Rock Band”!

Also – their CD “Don’t Make Me Wait” is being re-released September 9th – (which unfortunately will not be including that “No No No” sing-a-long song we all enjoyed singing so much on tour! – Thanks Stephanie for clearing that up! But it should be making its way onto their NEW album that they are working on!)

Also be sure to watch the VMAs Red Carpet because you just might see the guys of Locksley walking on it!

2 thoughts on “What Locksley has been up to…

  1. Stephanie, a Locksley fan

    Unfortunately the No No No song will NOT be on this cd. The cd that comes out on 9/9/08 is a re-release of the same album they were selling on tour last year. It will have a new cover and bonus tracks but “Darling Its True” (the No No No song) is not one of them. They are in the process of recording and mixing their next cd, which we’re told is almost done and WILL include Darling Its True. (Check out a live video of Darling Its True on my youtube page to hold you over until then…)
    Also, their video for “All Over Again” premieres on MTV Monday 9/8 and they will be featured as the Artist Of The Week with clips from concerts and interviews playing during commercial breaks all week long.

  2. hansontickets

    Thanks for clearing that up for me! I must have gotten the title confused of “Darling its True” with something else I saw on the track listing!


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