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Hanson Chocolates

Hanson Chocolates are being delivered just in time for Valentine’s Day! Check out some of the scans. (And look for the typo!) Click on the image to see larger versions in the gallery.

Hanskey's Are Here!!

Today my Hanskey Dolls arrived in the mail. They also came with a chocolate Hanson heart candy and a letter from Zac. Click on the image to see a larger version scan.

Feel Lucky?

Golden Tickets are being inserted in 5 chocolates that are being sent out in orders of the Hanson chocolates from the HNet store. Tickets can be redeemed for 2 tickets to any one of the 5 of 5 shows.

Hanskeys Dolls Not Ready for Holidays

I received the following letter in the mail today from Zac, I am sorry to say that there has been a manufacturing delay on the Hanskeys vinyl dolls. With new items like this there are often unforeseen details and issues that can slow the manufacturing process down, but we think it is important to make sure that each… Read More »

New Merch @ Members Only Event

1. VNeck American Apparel SETB shirt (black with white writing, similar to a CBGBs design) 2. Hanskey Monskey dolls. Set #1 1997 version – $25 for the set of 3 (per-order) 3. Members Only Event TShirt and Poster $30 for preorder (Shirt was not around but Isaac said it had a lightning bolt, and the white house and… Read More »

I knew it would happen…

The Atlanta Braves pitcher, Tommy Hanson, had a nice outing last night. As I was listening to the sports on SNY last night, I was wondering how many google alerts I would get for “mmmbop” that would be about the pitcher. The first one just came through: “MMMBop! Hanson stifles Yankee batters” is the title of the blog… Read More »

Tour is coming / SETB pre-order

Seems like tour details will be released shortly. Perhaps as early as next week. The plan (according to HNet newsletters) is that the tour will begin on the west coast in Bakersfield,California on September 28th. The tour will then run until mid-to-late November. Rumors are still flying that this will be a “co-headlining” tour, and apparently Taylor had… Read More »

This Week at HNET

There are several new items in the store that are now available to the public. The mini ‘Where’s the Love’ and Black Vintage shirts are part of the premier set of official mini HANSON merchandise and were created so your mini HANSON fan can join in on the fun. The ‘Where’s the Love’ shirt is also available in… Read More »

New Merchandise at the Members Only Event

There were 3 new TShirts available at the Members Only Event. 1 was called the “pansy” shirt which has the pansy from the MMMBop video on it and lyrics from MMMBop. The right sleeve says “MMMBop” This shirt is a womens fit and runs small! Another shirt was a red shirt called “Cola” with HANSON written in a… Read More »

2009 Members Kit

For each year’s membership kit we try to create something special for those of you who have been most passionate about our music, whether we write and record songs specifically for the purpose of the member kit, create in-depth videos about the making of an album, or in this case give you access to exclusive music created during… Read More »