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Oklahoma City 9/18/08

1. Great Divide 2. I Want to Take You Higher ? (cover) 3. Where’s the Love 4. Been There Before 5. Can’t Stop 6. If Only 7. Strong Enough to Break (Acoustic) 8. Penny and Me (Acoustic) 9. Change in My Life 10. Follow Your Lead 11. Blue Sky 12. A Minute Without You 13. Running Man 14.… Read More »

Hanson interview on uinterview.com Monday

As Hanson kicks off their new tour, Uinterview sits down with the brothers to ask them your questions. Email your video queries to editor@uinterview.com uinterview.com Here is a teaser of the interview: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvLOlRVhElc]

Article: Walking Tall

From the September 17 issue of the Oklahoma Gazette. (Thanks to lj hanson comm member spacetiger for typing this up!) Walking tall After the smash hit ‘MMMBop,’ Hanson fell out of the spotlight. The Tulsa brothers have quietly nurtured dedicated fans ever since, with progressive albums and activism. BY BECKY CARMAN It’s been 11 years since Tulsa’s Hanson… Read More »

Article: Hanson stays true to itself, and its music

Isaac Hanson and his younger brothers, Taylor and Zac, are men unstuck in time. It doesn’t mean that they choose to live in their ’90s pop-idol past, but their reference points are from another era. And it all comes down to the Time-Life Music collection of classic rock ‘n’ roll that the boys constantly played before they formed… Read More »