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HANSON: Underneath The Walk

WEEKLY PIC In the studio in two different eras, Underneath and The Walk! These two albums PLUS brand new Against The World songs coming up next week, live. Hope you join us.

The MMMBop boys are back

Bangkok Post   On Aug 7-8, the popular 90s pop trio Hanson continue their Against The World + Concert Series with a livestream of their live session straight from Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to support their upcoming seventh studio release, Against The World. Shows on both days start at 7am Thailand time. The Hanson brothers — Isaac,… Read More »

Underneath Song Stats

Kicking off the Summer Concert Series in August will be Hanson’s first independent release, Underneath.  The album’s debut single, Penny and Me, clocks in as having been played live the most with 708 times, but there are a few rarities in the lineup – Misery has only been played 21 times, Believe 31 times, Lullabelle 45 times and… Read More »

The Walk Song Stats

Finishing out the August Summer Concert Series will be 2007’s release, The Walk.  While Go was the single off this album and has a decent amount of plays at 225, The Walk also features tour staples Been There Before that has been played 353 times and Something Going Round that has been played 229 times.  The album’s title… Read More »

T-Pain Tells Rising Artists to Up Their Creativity: ‘Give Me Some Original Sh*t’

Complex T-Pain gave some strongly worded advice to up-and-coming artists. During a recent Twitch stream, the outspoken rapper delivered a passionate rant about the lack of originality within the music industry—particularly among aspiring MCs who simply copy today’s stars. “You know when your shit sounds like somebody else’s shit,” he shouted in the broadcast. “You’re making it because you think—because you’re… Read More »

FC Tulsa Unveils “918 Cerveza” as Name of New Cabin Boys Beer

Our Sports Central TULSA – At a Happy Hour hosted by Cabin Boys Brewery on Friday afternoon, musical artist Taylor Hanson announced to fans that FC Tulsa’s new cerveza will be named “FC Tulsa 918 Cerveza.” The announcement wraps up a month of fan input into the name of the brew with fans initially submitting over 100 names… Read More »