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By | July 24, 2021

Kicking off the Summer Concert Series in August will be Hanson’s first independent release, Underneath.  The album’s debut single, Penny and Me, clocks in as having been played live the most with 708 times, but there are a few rarities in the lineup – Misery has only been played 21 times, Believe 31 times, Lullabelle 45 times and When You’re Gone at only 87 times.  Several of these songs were skipped during the Musical Ride tour Underneath nights – Believe was played only once, Lullabelle twice, Broken Angel 3 times and Misery and When You’re Gone only 5 times each.  Could this be the first show without an album in its entirety?  Underneath is also unique in that it was involved in a couple of other releases – Underneath Acoustic had the track Love Somebody To Know that didn’t make the full album and has been played only 13 times.  Strong Enough to Break, the documentary telling the story of Hanson’s time creating the album and their struggle with their former label was released on DVD with a bonus CD that had a handful of extra tracks, a few of which have never been played live before.  Will they look to some of these tracks to come out of the vault?  And now that we know they are throwing in a cover or two from that touring era, there’s several more possibilities to be added to the list…

Strong Enough To Break – 429
Dancing In The Wind – 105
Penny and Me – 708
Underneath – 180
Misery – 21
Lost Without Each Other – 515
When You’re Gone – 87
Broken Angel – 105
Deeper – 181
Get Up And Go – 128
Crazy Beautiful – 414
Hey – 386
Believe  – 31
Lullabelle – 45

Love Somebody to Know – 13

I Almost Care – 0
Wake Up – 1
Dream Girl – 14
Breaktown – 41
Someone – 5
Let You Go  – 0
My Own Sweet Time – 0
Out Of My Head  – 1

Covers that made an appearance in 2003-2005 setlists
Teach Your Children
Summertime Blues
Ain’t No Sunshine
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Gonna Make You Love Me
Love Me
Rip It Up
Magic Carpet Ride
Johnny B Goode
The Weight
Feelin’ Alright
Honey Bee
It’s a Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock N Roll)
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours
Trust Me
Livin on Tulsa Time
Sunshine Of Your Love

The Underneath Tour(s) was also when the individual band members solos starting becoming a staple in the concert setlists. Do you think they’ll revisit that for this special show?  Which songs would you most like to hear as a solo? Or just in general? Let us know! (I know what song I am rooting for as a full band!)

If you’re looking to reminisce, we are missing the following Underneath Era tickets & setlists:

November 28, 2004 Jakarta, Indonesia The Score
December 05, 2004 Beijing, China Exhibition Hall
December 09, 2004 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Hard Rock Cafe

Partial Setlists

Missing Setlists
February 29, 2004 Hollywood, CA House of Blues
March 03, 2004 Bakersfield, CA Kelly Lounge
April 28, 2004 Sacramento, CA 107.9 The End
May 07, 2004 Lancaster, PA FM97
May 09, 2004 Austin, TX Fiesta Gardens
May 11, 2004 Shreveport, LA 94.5 Concert
May 27, 2004 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
May 28, 2004 Allentown, PA Cedar Beach Park
May 30, 2004 Long Island, NY Jones Beach
June 03, 2004 Fayetteville, AR Bud Walton Arena
June 09, 2004 Seoul, S Korea Olympic Park
February 01, 2005 Potsdam, Germany Oberlin House
February 16, 2005 Madrid, Spain Chesterfield Cafe
October 11, 2005 Stillwater, OK Oklahoma State University
October 26, 2005 Allentown, PA Cedar Crest College
October 27, 2005 New York, NY NYU
October 30, 2005 Washington, DC George Washington University
November 03, 2005 Boston, MA Emerson College
November 03, 2005 Boston, MA Northeastern College
November 04, 2005 Boston, MA Boston University
November 05, 2005 Durham, NH University of New Hampshire
November 06, 2005 Stony Brook, NY SUNY Stonybrook
November 08, 2005 Warren, MI Macomb Community College
November 15, 2005 Chicago, IL Northwestern University
November 17, 2005 Chicago, IL Columbia College
November 19, 2005 Milwaukee, WI Marquette University
November 20, 2005 Minneapolis, MN University of Minnesota

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