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BACK TO THE ISLAND 2021 RESCHEDULED Back To The Island 2021 is being postponed to 6-10 January 2022, but HOLD ON… we’re still going to Paradise! All over the world we are experiencing a new normal, one that unfortunately for us all includes a lot less gathering together and the need to think differently about health and safety.… Read More »

Lyrics: Continental Breakfast (in bed)!

Since Hanson is taking their sweet time posting the official lyrics, we decided to throw our attempt in the ring.  Please leave a comment if you hear anything differently!  Everyday is already posted on the site as it was previously unreleased but had been played live. EDIT: Now that we have the lyrics booklet from CBIB lyrics have… Read More »

Jackson 5 Rules List of Greatest Boyband Songs of All Time

Upnewsinfo Michael Jackson and his siblings beat NSYNC and New Edition to top the list of the greatest boyband anthems of all time, thanks to their classic hit ‘I Want You Back’. The Jackson 5 have topped a new poll to find the greatest boy band song of all time. Michael and Jermaine Jackson and their brothers beat out NSYNC and New Edition to take the top spot on the… Read More »

HANSON: New Music Available

WEEKLY PIC Last week we finally shared this year’s EP, and that got us reflecting on all the music we have created for the community. Here’s a snap from 2018’s EP, Animal Instincts. Don’t forget all members can listen to membership EPs on our new media player. Thanks for listening.

Continental Breakfast in Bed is Here!

The new Members EP, “Continental Breakfast (in bed)” was released on Thursday.  If you are a current member you can listen to the guys talk about it on a very special “Hanson Time Podcast” and go a little bit more in depth about some of the songs and when they were written.  If your membership is… Read More » Pin Guide

Since the site’s relaunch in 2014, members have had the opportunity to get “pins” – similar to video game achievements, members have the opportunity to “level up” and get exclusive pins on the website based on different actions taken on the website or events attended in real life.  With the 2020 re-relaunch we decided to make a… Read More »

Continental Breakfast In Bed is coming!

Coming this summer, the 2020 Members Only EP!  While Hanson usually does a 5-track Members Only EP recorded during March and released in May at Hanson Day, this year COVID-19 wreaked havoc on their plans, just like it has to so many of us around the world.  After completing recording on “Against the World” the forthcoming full… Read More »

HANSON: Happy 4th! Come Visit!

WEEKLY PIC We’re all looking forward to a great weekend of celebration here in the US for the 4th of July. We pulled a little something from the archive for the SIO anniversary, so Shout It Out – Happy Independence Day!