Monthly Archives: August 2020

2020 Summer Special: Better Late Than Never

Something to keep you company while you hide from the current worldwide apocalypse. Obviously Hanson Day was cancelled this year, but we’re still able to have a discussion on the new Continental Breakfast (in bed) fan club EP, in a nightmare conversation scenario where all three participants have nearly the same name. Plus we dig in to ridiculous… Read More »

HANSON: Great Conversation To Come

WEEKLY PIC With many months of no concerts we are more appreciative of the chance to play live than EVER before. Here’s a snap from backstage as we prepared to perform the first public String Theory concert in Columbus Ohio back in 2018, was anyone there with us?

HANSON: Busy Fall

WEEKLY PIC This pic brings us back to the days of desert jams at one of our favorite musical haciendas, Sonic Ranch, and the EP we tracked there in 2014, Music Made For Humans.