By | July 31, 2020

Back To The Island 2021 is being postponed to 6-10 January 2022, but HOLD ON… we’re still going to Paradise!

All over the world we are experiencing a new normal, one that unfortunately for us all includes a lot less gathering together and the need to think differently about health and safety. Over the past weeks we have had to evaluate the continually changing climate around COVID 19 including new standards on travel into Jamaica, policies on social distancing and all the factors that ensure we can host a great and SAFE event for you. Though we have hoped to be able to retain our plans for the coming BTTI 2021 event, the new factors have brought us to conclude that unfortunately Back To The Island 2021 must be postponed. Yes we know, this feels like one more blow in an increasingly uncertain world, BUT the good news is … that we have good news! As artists and event organizers, we want to be good stewards of our guests and put our focus on what we CAN look forward to, so we are looking to 2022 and we hope you will join us.

Good News #1 Again, we are NOT cancelling! We are excited to invite you to transfer your current booking to our new dates in January 2022. It seems wild that we could even look that far ahead, but though far away, it allows us to keep our plans together and honor your commitment to join us in Jamaica!

When? Our revised dates are 6 -10 January 2022.

Where? We’re excited to return to the Jewel Paradise Cove as previously planned for 2021.

What are the details? If you would like to transfer your booking to 2022 you do not need to do anything! You will keep your room, your pricing and discounts, and all of your current payments will be put toward the 2022 event. No further payments will be required until early 2021 when the revised 2022 event on-sale begins. Of course, refunds are also available for those not able to look that far ahead. All of the information can be found here.

Good News #2 Like you, we have a future island escape on the brain, so we are going to host a series of special BTTI themed live streams in January, when we had planned to be together in Jamaica. More info to come on the streams soon!

We are so thankful for you, the incredible community of music fans who have made plans to join us on the Island and we hope you will stick with us as we look ahead to another great (however delayed) excursion in 2022, plus a little virtual celebration in January to dull the sting of this delay.

On behalf of the HANSON and Island Gigs, thank you so much for being a part of Back To The Island and for your understanding, as we work to make every event we host entertaining and SAFE for all.

See you on the island!

HANSON and Island Gigs

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