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Crowd Source: Lyrics: Magic Man

We are struggling to piece together the lyrics of the new song Zac sang at BTTI, “Magic Man”  here’s our best attempt – if you have any ideas please leave a comment: Pink moon rising right over my head and fire escape You seem so sad though, back into the dark of heaven’s gate Ooh I want to… Read More »

Lyrics: Continental Breakfast (in bed)!

Since Hanson is taking their sweet time posting the official lyrics, we decided to throw our attempt in the ring.  Please leave a comment if you hear anything differently!  Everyday is already posted on the site as it was previously unreleased but had been played live. EDIT: Now that we have the lyrics booklet from CBIB lyrics have… Read More »

Lyrics: This is Criminal

Had this one on the back burner since BTTI 2019.  Will be adding it to the database shortly! Give back my time That’s a lot of my life I won’t ever get back You stole my heart And there ain’t no punishment for this kind of crime You say hold on tight But there’s nothing to hold on… Read More »

Lyrics Help – New Wintry Mix Tour Songs

Looking for some help with (new) song lyrics.  If you have any attempts at transcribing the following lyrics, please leave comments! If we all work together we may be able to figure them out 🙂 Better Man – my attempt under the cut One – my attempt under the cut Annalie – my attempt under the cut Don’t… Read More »

Lyrics: Where You Want To Go

Do you have any corrections or can you fill in any of the blanks? Leave a comment! Num Num Num Nummy Num Yum Num Num Num Nummy Num Yum Num Num Num Nummy Num Yum Num Num Num Nummy Nummy Yum Yum Num Num Num Nummy Num Yum Num Num Num Nummy Num Yum Num Num Num Nummy… Read More »

Lyrics: Sugar High

Do you have any corrections to these lyrics? Let us know in the comments! Ohhhhhhhhhhh skittles Gimme some sugar Can’t tame the demon So I wake up in cold sweats I’ve got syrup on my shirt It’s 8am and I’m craving dessert I just need a little medication granulation is my motivation cuz it tastes so great when… Read More »

Lyrics: Milkshake Mondays

Can you fill in any of the blanks or have any lyric corrections? Leave a comment! Suddenly could it be happier than now and you might wonder how 52 times a year my heart leaps with joy my friend while you’re living for the weekend you hold on to sunday (Sunday) And I look forward to milkshake mondays frothy and… Read More »

Lyrics: Ice Cream Man

can you fill in any of the lyrics blanks? Leave a comment and let us know! Everybody loves to see the ice cream man He spends his winters in his workshop Slaving in that northern creamery But when the weather south starts getting hot he loads his truck up full of treats It must be summer time when… Read More »

Lyrics: I Hate Vegetables

can you fill in the missing lyrics? Leave a comment and let us know! 🙂   There’s no getting around it They make me want to spew No matter their preparation Their flavor just won’t chew My momma said they’re made with love And filled with Vitamin A No play for you go straight to bed If you… Read More »

Lyrics Help: The Ballad of Seymour Better Times

Zac performed a new song at Back to the Island – a clip of it was posted on the blog back in August of 2017.  We are crowd-sourcing the lyrics so if there is anything here you think should be something else or if you can fill in the blanks that are missing please let us know… Read More »