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Video: Rudy Blair chats with Hanson

680 News In 1997, this teen trio from Oklahoma had one of the biggest songs of the year with “MMMBop”. Music reporter Rudy Blair speaks with the brothers known as “Hanson”, who today are older, married, and celebrating over two decades in the music industry with a new album called “Anthem”. Video: Rudy Blair chats with Hanson

Hanson Chat AC/DC and Drinking Beer

Fuse Yes, that Hanson. The trio of bros talk to Fuse about their musical influences—which surprisingly includes the “Highway to Hell” band—and MMMHops, their new brand of brewskis

Hanson still rockin’ 21 years on

CBC News When pop-rock trio Hanson broke out with the late-’90s hit MMMBop, audiences were amazed that Oklahoma brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac not only performed but also played instruments and wrote their own music — unlike many popular acts of the day. The brothers attribute the fact that they’ve always been songwriters and musicians as part of the… Read More »

Great news, guys: Hanson is ‘just getting started’

Death and Taxes You read that right, guys: Hanson, the boy wonder band from 1992 who released ’90s non-sequitur jam “Mmmbop” is “just getting started.” According to Zac Hanson, who can be seeing emotively drumming on a box in the video below, after 21 years Fate apparently looks every rock band in the eye and asks, “Is this for… Read More »

EXCLUSIVE! Hanson Chats About Darren Criss, North West, New Music & Boy Bands!! Watch HERE!!

Perez Hilton   MMMBop! Just like that, Hanson is back in the music scene! With the release of their newest studio album, Anthem, and their hit single, Get The Girl Back, the three brothers are ready to do what they do best yet again! Lucky for us — and for you — Taylor, Zac, and Isaac for an EXCLUSIVE interview, in which they dished on working with Glee fave, Darren Criss, Nikki… Read More »

HNET Newsletter June 28, 2013

NEW Message From The Band This week we are traveling outside the US promoting ANTHEM in Canada and the UK. It feels great to be here already able to talk about coming back with the ANTHEM world tour. We have done our first few shows for ANTHEM now and after getting just a taste of it there is… Read More »

Hanson at The Adam Carolla Show

Hanson Posted on: 06-27-2013 by:  Chris Laxamana Podcast: Play in new window DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show thanking fans for sending stuff in. He then explains how you can make your very own Recyclarolla, and talks about Ray’s conspiracy theories when all of his tools were stolen. Adam also complains about turbo-charged spiders, and Bald… Read More »

Hanson MMMBops Into the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal WSJ Brothers Isaac, Zac and Taylor Hanson sit down to speak with reporter Alexandra Cheney They own their own record label, produce seasonal chocolates and coffee for fans and have just paired with an Oklahoma-based brewer to create MMMHops, a pale ale named after their biggest hit, “MMMBop.” Three brothers who arrived on the music… Read More »

Hanson ‘Just Getting Started’ After Sixth Studio Album

The trio of brothers known for their catchy songs like “MMMBOP” and “Get the Girl Back” have released their sixth studio album, “Anthem.” The Oklahoma born and raised singer/songwriters stopped by WSJ to talk with reporter Alexandra Cheney about running their own record label, cutting costs on tour, and their latest endeavor, brewing beer.

Hanson’s new record a self-described ‘band reboot’

lfpress When pop rock trio Hanson sat down to record their latest studio effort Anthem, there was ample tension in the air exacerbated by next to no down time following their last tour. And while Zac, Taylor or Isaac Hanson never came to physical blows, you get the sense talking to Isaac the thought of maybe bopping each… Read More »