Daily Archives: June 18, 2013

Lyrics: Already Home

You’ve been trapped in a moment Cause you’ve been running in place And now you’re casting a shadow That’s hanging on my face I see you keeping your distance But you’re not telling me why You’re looking to the horizon Instead of here and now tonight I don’t know what is broken You act like you don’t belong… Read More »

Lyrics: Juliet

Juliet, you’re my love I know it’s true Around you I don’t know what to do Can’t you see that you’re my sun and moon Juliet, Once upon a time is not enough Don’t you know that I’m a man in love And i can’t get enough of you Through your window breaks the rising sun By any… Read More »

Lyrics: Get The Girl Back

She’s about to walk away So if you’re gonna make her wanna stay Tell her she’s your moon and sun Tell her that she’s always been the one But you’ve got to say it from the hear Cause she will know a fake right from the start A girl like that deserves the best So you’ve got to… Read More »

Lyrics: You Can’t Stop Us

Out on the corner On your soapbox looking down Waving your flag Like this is a battleground Your fancy words Try to cut me down to size Hey Mr. Mr. You’re in for a big surprise You can’t stop us You can’t stop us now Soldier of fortune Tried to shoot me down Beating his cheat Only to… Read More »

Lyrics: I’ve Got Soul

I see you shaking in your boots Why don’t you put your petty fears aside It’s time to get your dancing shoes I’m about to show you why I’ve got soul And I’m not afraid to use it You want more Let me show you how we do it Don’t just stand, just stand still Don’t just stand,… Read More »

Lyrics: Fired Up

This thing is built like a war machine Burning up red hot like kerosene This wrecking ball is about to drop Once we start rolling we’ll never stop You better run and hide Cause we’re about to bring the fire We’re not turning around this time, let’s get fired up! We’re not turning around this time, let’s get… Read More »


Mimo In the music business, there are inherent pitfalls in becoming too big, too quickly. This is something that bro-band Hanson know all too well. In the 1990s, these cute, long-haired Okie teens had a whole generation of tweens “MMBopp”-ing along, their posters plastered across the bedroom walls of almost every young girl in America.   But eventually… Read More »


Noisy Music By Vice From left to right: Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. Credit: Jiro Schneider It’s a spring day in New York City, and I am in a room full of crying women. Before us, a band made of three handsome haircuts jump up and down, playing what some people might label as soul rock ‘n’ roll, and… Read More »