Hanson at The Adam Carolla Show

By | June 27, 2013


Posted on: 06-27-2013 by:  Chris Laxamana

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Show Summary

Adam opens the show thanking fans for sending stuff in. He then explains how you can make your very own Recyclarolla, and talks about Ray’s conspiracy theories when all of his tools were stolen. Adam also complains about turbo-charged spiders, and Bald Bryan recalls an awkward exchange he had at the gym. Later, the guys go on a hilarious tangent about unnecessary rowing.

The three Hanson brothers enter the studio next, and Adam compliments them on their signature beer, ‘mmmHops’. They talk about the continuing success of the smash hit ‘mmmBop’, and how they’ve dealt with being so close and working together all the time. After discussing their new album, ‘Anthem’, Alison starts up the news. Stories revolve around reclining airplane seats, the most romantic cities in North America, and the best ways to protect your sex life from your kids. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about an Illinois school trying to get a Guinness World Record for most twins in a single class, and Hanson plays a song live.

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