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Setlist: MTV O Awards

Fired Up Wheres The Love Get The Girl Back Juliet Thinking Bout Somethin Waiting For This   (may not be correct order)

Hanson Celebrate 21st Birthday as a Band in New York

Rolling Stone Hanson turned 21 this year, and the brotherly trio celebrated with a birthday party last night in New York at Irving Plaza as fans swarmed to see the band perform. The brothers started the group as pre-teens, and released their sixth studio album,Anthem, yesterday. The night began with a six-song set, representing each of the six… Read More »

Lyrics: Tonight

Tonight is the first night Tonight is the last night Don’t care what has come before Tomorrow’s an open door So box to the ropes Jump in the crowd Throw up your hands And sing it out loud Tonight Well it might be a sham It might be the sound Could be back on the rocks This time… Read More »

Lyrics: Tragic Symphony

I’m just a part in your masterpiece I minuet in a minor key ooh ooh, ooh ooh A sad song that you know so well you’re cheating me but you have no tell ooh ooh, ooh ooh And you keep leading me on ooh ooh ooh ooh You make a good thing feel wrong ooh ooh ooh ooh… Read More »

Lyrics: Scream and Be Free

If I wait for summer to begin I may never begin myself If we look to another for our dreams They may never become our own There’s a story every girl will shape And a journey every boy must take Sing it if you know it Scream it if you feel it There’s nothing standing in your way… Read More »

Lyrics: Cut Right Through Me

I thought I was so tough Who knew you could play so rough I’ve got to slow down cause you’ve spun my head around You read me so well, you make it hard to tell Why all my words fail When I start, you begin to Cut right through me Cut right through me I can’t explain how… Read More »

Lyrics: Lost Without You

I’ve got a feeling that I cannot contain I can’t believe this moment You’ve got your eyes locked on me in my head I think, it must be a mistake But my heart says, take your chances It could be this first dance is The unexpected beautiful I can barely admit I’ve been longing for Stay here in… Read More »

Lyrics: For Your Love

I know I was made to find you Our fate were always intertwined You’re the dream I go to Every time I close my eyes Like the northern star you guide me When I journey far from home And now that I have you beside me There is no way that I’ll let you go If you’re lost… Read More »

Hanson Perform Hits And Anthem At Anniversary Concert!

MTV News As ‘MMMbop’ pop trio turn 21, fans pack NYC show for night of crowd faves and songs from June 18 release. NEW YORK — Hanson fans packed Irving Plaza on Monday night to celebrate a milestone with the trio of brother’s from Tulsa, Oklahoma: the brothers’ 21st anniversary as a band! Believe it or not, Zac,… Read More »