Daily Archives: June 24, 2013

New Pop Music Releases Last Week – Hanson and Cher?

Dale Speaking There were two new pop releases last week that I’m VERY excited about. It’s certainly a blast from the past. Both from artists that were widely successful in 1998 – wow that was 15 years ago! 1) Hanson – Anthem (Album) I’ve already professed my love for Hanson in my blogs before, but here’s one last… Read More »

Anthem by Hanson

Confront Magazine by Maria Vicente Anthem is Hanson’s 9th studio album, a mix of the best sounds from their previous records. There is the Motown influence that’s reminiscent of their debut Middle of Nowhere; the inspirational lyrics of This Time Around; the acoustic, reflective style of Underneath; the heavier guitar sound of The Walk; and the indie dance/pop… Read More »