My First Hanson Concert: The Underneath Acoustic Tour

By | February 25, 2011

My first Hanson show was in October of 2003 (freshman year of college)
during the underneath acoustic show. A friend of mine told me she knew a
girl in her year that was a big Hanson fan, and I looked her up. Without
having met her, she told me she and some other girls were all going to see
Hanson in concert and would I like to go along too…Of course I said yes!
The show was on a Friday night, October 17th at the Birchmere in Alexandria,
Virginia. As this was my first show, I wasn’t really sure what to expect,
but I did know they were doing smaller shows at more intimate venues.

I believe it took us just 2.5-3 hours to get there from school in Grantham,
PA…although we stopped halfway there at my friends house in Maryland to
pick up one other person who was going with us. I believe we got there
around 430pm and doors were supposed to be at 5 but they let us in closer to

When the show started, it was almost surreal, and I COULD NOT believe
I was seeing Hanson live in concert.. and also how close they were!!!! the
Birchmere is a pretty small venue compared to many other clubs I’ve been
to..and I believe there were only about 300 people there total. really
intimate and so fun! The venue even had tables to sit down at (which we
did) and we ordered some dinner while we waited for the show to start…
then when it did, no one yelled at us and we stood on our chairs to get a
better view.

My favorite song they sang was probably either Need you Now or Rip It up.
Overall the show was so fun!!!

Afterward we did decide to wait out by the buses. I’ve done this a couple
times after other shows, and I can’t remember for sure how long it took but
it didn’t seem all that long. I had gotten a new poster at the show and
when the boys came out, attempted to get that signed. I only had luck with
Taylor who grabbed it as I stretched it over the crowd of people in front of
me…I still have that poster with his signature!

This show did for sure meet my expectations, and hence why i’ve gone back to
see them live now over 20 times. Hanson shows are sooo fun! 🙂

Lindsay DeVries
Newport News, VA

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