The 11 Greatest Superfan Communities

By | February 25, 2011

Rolling Stone

Hanson’s Fansons
To most people Hanson are a half-remembered trio of tow-headed brothers who sang “Mmmbop” and then disappeared. To Fansons they are The Beatles, Beethoven and Jesus woven into one. Nearly 15 years after their break-up they still have an army of fans who pack theaters to see them, and discuss them endlessly online.

hansonstage note: If they broke up, how are we still going to theaters to see them? And how could they have broken up in 1996 – before they even released MMMBop as a single?

2 thoughts on “The 11 Greatest Superfan Communities

    1. Katie

      Most likely. But you would think they would have a fact checker or editor going over this stuff before they post it!


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