Daily Archives: February 2, 2011

PromiFlash write about Hanson

German Publication PromiFlash has posted an article about Hanson. The article is written in German so unfortunately I have no idea what it says, but there are some photos from after last night’s show posted. If you speak German and can summarize what the article is about, it would be greatly appreciate.

Ummm, soup bopping!

HolyMoly.com They’re probably boarding up Faeces nightclub as we type now that The Only Way Is Essex fame whores and Jack Tweed have invaded the clubs and restaurants of London Town instead. And while this lot weep off their fake eyelashes into their hair extensions, Essex chump Mark Wright and his girlfriend Kayla Collins, who together make Lempit… Read More »

WebWatch: Write or Die

The University Observer Emer Sugrue of The University Observer writes about a program called “Write or Die” which helps encourage you to get your writing done. But it seems to me that the way that the program gets you to write, might backfire amongst Hanson fans… Normal Mode is slightly harsher. After a few seconds of inactivity an… Read More »

Who are these guys and what have they done with Hanson?

OK Magazine We know it’s been 14 years but Hanson are making us feel REALLY old We refuse to believe that our childhood crushes, Hanson have grown up. Long before The Wanted became our eye candy, Hanson were Mmmbopping girls into a frenzy But last night the Hanson boys showed us they’ve got it with a last minute… Read More »

Hanson – Hanson Join ‘Save 100 Club’ Campaign

ContactMusic Caption: Maggie Grace wearing Toms Shoes The Hanson (Picture) Brothers Team Up With Toms Shoes For A One Mile Walk across The City Of West Hollywood to help end poverty and AIDS in Africa West Hollywood, California …. Hanson Join ‘Save 100 Club’ Campaign Pop stars HANSON have thrown their weight behind the campaign to save London’s… Read More »