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Setlist: 2/1/11 Meet Me In The Middle London, England

Waiting For This Shake Your Tailfeather Thinking Bout Somethin Carry You There Wheres The Love Rock N Roll Razorblade Crazy Beautiful Go Penny and Me Never Been To Spain Minute Without You Oh Darlin Make It Out Alive MMMBop Give a Little This Time Around Lost Without Each Other

Meet Me In The Middle Stream Postponed

Due to space issues at the venue – the concert is unable to be streamed live today! However, the concert will be streamed on FRIDAY February 4th at the same time it was scheduled for today. GMT 8pm EST 3pm CST 2pm PST 12pm

Meet Me In The Middle – Streaming Live!

The concert from London, England, “Meet Me In The Middle” will be streaming LIVE later today. Here is a break down of some of the time zones: GMT – 8pm EST – 3pm CST – 2pm PST – 12pm As the stream will be for everyone (and not member’s only as previously mentioned) we are inclined to believe… Read More »

Tuesday Topic: Song vs Song Week 3!

Song vs Song is here! Round 1C voting has begun at the forums! Here is who you are voting for: Thinking Bout Somethin v She’s Got Time Even When You’re Gone vs Wait Here For You Thinking Of You vs Hey You’re Enough vs One More Time You Don’t Know Me vs Penny and Me It’s Alright, It’s… Read More »

Fan Of The Month February – Lindsay

Name: Lindsay DeVries Age: 25 Location: Newport News, Virginia *Questions* 1) What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have? I guess my first memory is when my friend got Middle of Nowhere as a gift at her birthday party at the end of July in ’97. The CD was put on in the background at… Read More »

Song vs Song Round 1B Results

The polls have just closed for song vs song Round 1B. Here are the results: Can’t Stop (11) Go (18) Runaway Run (28) Turning 21 (0) This Time Around (17) You Never Know (11) Use Me Up (9) Save Me (19) This Year’s Going My Way (12) I Can’t Wait (14) Great Divide (18) Speechless (10) End of… Read More »