Daily Archives: February 21, 2011

Song vs Song Round 1E Results

Round 1E has just ended for Song vs Song and Round 1F is currently up on the forums to be voted on. The results are as follows: We’re Gonna Find Out (1) vs Lost Without Each Other (23) Strong Enough To Break (17) vs Running Man (8) Sun & Sky (0) vs In The City (25) Hand In… Read More »

Tay a Day in March!

We are looking to have a post for Tay a day in March in honor of his birthday. If you have a favorite Taylor photo, video or quote that you feel MUST be included – either tweet us @hansonstage or email blog@hansonstage.com with your submissions! Then, sit back and enjoy all the memories as we celebrate Taylor’s birthday… Read More »

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

BuddyTV (Head to the source for the good and the ugly) The Bad: The Justin Bieber Experience on Glee Glee used the songs of Justin Bieber for two simple reasons: to give Sam something to do and to make big bucks by covering multiple songs from the Bieb. The result was a hollow episode with absolutely no substance,… Read More »