This Week At HNET

By | May 21, 2010

This week at HNET!

Early Music!

More early music! If you have Pre-ordered Shout it Out from you get early access to music from the album. This week is the fifth song we are releasing early and there will be a new song each week leading up to the June 8th release available every Wednesday. Pre-order Shout It Out Now!

Free Song Download!

As a way to spread the music from Shout it Out we are giving away a free download of the song “Waiting For This”. Help us get the song out there by posting this banner to your website, facebook, blog, myspace, etc. Shout It Out!

DeTour Starts June 1st!

Join us everyday starting June 1st for the “The DeTour West”. Join us all week long leading up to the release of Shout it Out as we go west headed to LA for the release of the record, we think this will be the first Detour but not the last, so we are Dubbing this -” The Detour- West 1″ . The DeTour, is a roadtrip adventure, that will involve impromptu streams, roadside stops and mini adventures that invite you to join in. Don’t forget to follow hansonmusic on Twitter so you don’t miss any random late night streams or happenings while we embark on the open road. Only on alive@hnet!

Shout It Out Summer Tour!

Hanson will be on tour starting July 21st with the Shout it Out Summer Tour. Tickets on sale now.

5 of 5 Restream!

Join us for the re-stream of the 5 of 5 concert series June 3rd-7th every night at 7PM CT. Check in for updated information on the stream, because there will also be live introductions from the band during the re-stream broadcast each night. Only on alive@hnet

Tampa performance cancelled!

We are sorry to announce that we have to cancel our Tampa performance due to a scheduling conflict. We apologize to all our fans, but we will be on our way to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Take The Walk update!

Take The Walk continues to be a vibrant community and campaign making an impact on extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS across Africa, thank you to everyone who is leading that charge. Check out the hosted walks coming up soon, that are posted on

New Events!

Check out a great list of upcoming events on TV and beyond.

Thank You Street Team!

Over the years we have always had a great team of fans around the world who have lead the charge with the street team. Thank you to everyone who has continued to be a part. There is a lot going on right now as we lead into a new album and tour dates all year, this is a great time to join up and help spread the word. To join go to Fanclub and “Backstage Pass”!

The Fanclub has always included lots of exclusive stuff like events, and blogs, meet and greets and more, but until now we have not had a special way to invite you live to a special event just for the Fan Club. In the coming weeks and months we will be hosting a variety of exclusive streams before and after public streaming events and other impromptu streams, like the “Backstage Pass” streams we launched during the Five of Five series where we invited Fan Club members backstage before and after the show. We are excited that the upcoming tours and events are going to allow for more exclusive stuff. Join the Fanclub NOW!

From The Band!

This week we posted another one of the early songs for those of you who have pre ordered the record. We decided to post the new songs each week to thank you all for deciding to purchase the record early, so we hope you’re enjoying a first look behind the curtain of Shout It Out.
There has been some chatter about us being a bit quiet over the last week or so, but mostly we have been hard at work finishing the huge list of custom paintings for the Platinum Packages as well as preparing for the upcoming shows and some exciting livestreaming broadcasts! Last week we had a blast joining Conan O’Brien on his Tulsa stop during the “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television” Tour. Not only was it hilarious but we had an amazing time playing with Conan and the band and hanging out after the show which we broadcasted on aLive@hnet. Check out a blog we posted with a bit of the performance and some of the after-show hang (Here) and you can also check out the full livestream that can be viewed on the aLive page –
We are currently on tour with the Bamboozle Roadshow! It is great to be out on the road again playing new music, as well as seeing fans. We are officially announcing that the DeTour will begin on June 1st, we still do not know what that will entail completely..but that is the point. I know many people are thinking, “What is a DeTour?” basically think of an awesome road trip filled with music and randomness! It is a way for us to share the spirit of this band and the things that inspire us and it’s also a great way to bring together our excitement and interaction with all the fans all over the world through livestreams, as we prepare for the release of Shout It Out in the US. There are lot’s of things coming up, Shout It Out!
-Isaac Taylor and Zac

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