Hanson Debuts New Album

By | May 5, 2010


If you wait long enough anything becomes nostalgic. The three hardly pubescent long haired brothers who won our hearts in 1997 with “MMBop” are still going strong. In fact Hanson just this Monday finished a run of five sold out gigs, during which during they debuted their new album
entitled Shout it Out.

The prodigal brother boy band played a whopping 130 minute set, performing their entire discography in its entirety. Amazing considering the bulk of the population (including myself) would be hard pressed to name a single song of Hansons, void of “MMMBop.”

None the less, girls have shown that they still have a grasp on the pop-music scene. The stadiums were packed with all the girls who I remember humming their songs down the hallways of my elementary school.

Now near thirty year old men and years later, the pop brothers took the stage and proved that they’re still America’s sweethearts and still fawned over by tidal waves of hysterical chicks.

According to Spin magazine the new album Shout it Out will be up on shelves and ready to purchase this June 8.

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