This Week at HNet

By | May 6, 2010

This week at HNET!

Hanson Day Celebration!

Join us TODAY May 6th at 5PM CT for a special live stream to celebrate Hanson Day. Check it out on the aLive page of

Streaming 5 of 5 Re-Broadcast

If you missed the aLive@hnet broadcast of the 5 of 5 concerts series, here is your chance to find out what you were missing. We will be re-broadcasting the all five concerts from the 5 of 5 concert series starting June 3rd. We will be playing one concert a night leading us to the US release date of Shout it Out on June 8th.

Member of the Month!

Our Member of the Month for May is TjTom15 (Tom Dryburgh).
Tom is a 15 yr old fan from a small town in Victoria, Australia. In his own words, “I’m 15; almost 16, and currently doing year 10. I suck at pretty much every sport invented! I am attemping to learn piano (not very good at it though!!) I am thinking about getting into arts and events management, once I have completed school, so I could someday manage a band! So Hanson, if you wanna take on a work experience student; I’m free!” Tom’s interests include: listening to music and photography. Congratulations Tom!

Street Teamer of the Month!

Our Street Teamer of the Month is lyndzbug (Lindsey Bombard).
Lindsey’s Street Team leaders say, “she is very positive and upbeat and is a joy to have on the team!” Lindsey lives in upstate NY where she is a teacher. Her interests include reading, teaching, traveling, music, snowboarding, her dogs and friends. In addition to always promoting Hanson, Lindsey has also hosted 2 successful walks for the Take The Walk campaign. Congratulations Lindsey!

From The Band!

We want to thank everyone who joined us for the 5 of 5 concert series. We had an amazing time playing all five albums and especially premiering Shout it Out on night five. We are lucky to have so much music to remember and so many great moments to think back on. We would be nowhere without our incredible fans. Thank you!
Something else awesome happened last week – the “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” video passed 1.25 million views on myspace, and that is huge! Thank you for spreading the video and the music. Every little bit helps. We have said it countless times in interviews, but not directly to our fans. Being a band today, there is no better way to spread your music than through your fans. The power of the individual voice has grown so much with the creation of things like Twitter and Facebook, and it affects the way we get our information and the things we trust. Thank you for using your voice to spread our music, and to encourage the people around you to do good through simple actions like taking the walk. You continue to inspire more than just us. We are taking it easy for the next few days, but there is still a lot coming up. The Bamboozle Roadshow is a few weeks away and The Shout it Out Summer Tour is just shortly after that. It will be great to be on the road in the summer after only touring in the fall for the last few years. See you on the road soon and Happy Hanson Day!
-Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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