Daily Archives: October 29, 2008

Keswick/Philadelphia 10/29/08

1. Something Going Round 2. Higher (cover) 3. Been There Before 4. Follow Your Lead 5. Great Divide 6. Georgia – Acoustic 7. Go – Acoustic (got cut off because the audience was flipping out over the Phillies, apparently) 8. This Time Around (Philly won tonight so they dedicated it to them) 9. Dancing In The Wind 10.… Read More »

Interviews and Performances

Head on over to WPLJ’s site for a performance of ‘Follow Your Lead’ and a photo of the guys visit to the studio. Elliott in the morning has a 3 part interview and performance of The Great Divide posted on their website.

Article: Interview with Isaac Hanson

Touring has already brought the Hanson brothers around the world in their careers and now they’re on a mission to go that distance again, but by foot. Continuing this fall is their Walk Around The World tour, where along with fans, they take time before each show to walk a mile to help fight poverty in Africa. They… Read More »

Falls Church 10/28/08

1. Something Going Round 2. Higher (cover) 3. A Minute Without You 4. Been There Before 5. Follow Your Lead 6. This Time Around 7. The Great Divide ACOUSTIC SET 8. Strong Enough to Break 9. Take Our Chances 10. Go 11. Lay Me Down 12. Where Did It Start (Zac solo) 13. Fire On The Mountain 14.… Read More »