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Tyler Hilton cancels tour

Past opener, Tyler Hilton, has been forced to cancel his summer tour. What a bummer, I was hoping to (finally) get to see him again! He posted on his official website, tylerhilton.com : (Deep breath in….and…) I’ve got some good news and bad news for you guys. First, the good news. Matt Serletic has joined the team and… Read More »

Past Local Opener!

Honor Society opened for Hanson as one of the local openers on the Live and Electric Tour in NYC in 2005. Since then, they’ve switched drummers and have been working on smoothing their sound. Recently, the guys have been on the west coast opening up for the Jonas Brothers and working on their first full length CD! (Their… Read More »

Wednesday Artist Spotlight: Syd

Syd opened for Hanson in Boston, MA on November 4, 2005 on their Live & Electric tour. <img src=”http://a435.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/87/l_f073f526cc98215bc12b9d6e51085992.jpg”. Where is your band based out of? I’m from Vermont originally and split my time between the east and west coast and my band is primarily on the east coast. haha, I’m hard to pin down. Can you give… Read More »

Wednesday Artist Spotlight: BUMP

BUMP opened for Hanson November 9, 2005 in Detroit, MI on the Live and Electric tour. Get to know them a little bit better: BUMP www.bumpgroove.com www.myspace.com/bumpband www.youtube.com/bumpdetroit www.reverbnation.com/bump Photo Credit: Josh Band Where is your band based out of? Detroit, MI Can you give us a little background on the band? We started about 7 years ago… Read More »

Past Openers – upcoming dates!

Since interviews with past openers are only being posted once a week, by the time their spotlight rolls around the dates they currently have posted might have passed. Here are some upcoming dates of past openers – be sure to catch their Wednesdays Artist Spotlight in the upcoming weeks: BUMP Saturday October 18, 2008 Elbo Room, Chicago IL… Read More »