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Setlist: Knoxville 10-1-08

By | October 1, 2008

Something Going Round I Want To Take You Higher Where’s the Love Follow Your Lead This Time Around Great Divide Penny and Me Underneath One More Fire On The Mountain Where Did It Start Blue Sky Hope It Comes Soon Been There Before Soul Shine Can’t Stop MMMBop Crazy Beautiful Hey Watch Over Me Encore:… Read More »

Article: Taylor Hanson on the Jonas Brothers

By | October 1, 2008

Hanson, still kicking around a decade after “MMMBop,” brings its Walk Around the World Tour to Orlando on Oct. 9 at House of Blues. In a phone interview today, Taylor Hanson, the middle brother, talked about how the group is using the tour to fight African poverty and AIDs relief and what it’s like to… Read More »

Columbus, OH 9/30/08

By | October 1, 2008

1. Something Goin Round 2. Higher (cover) 3. Where’s the Love 4. Georgia 5. Follow Your Lead 6. Great Divide 7. Penny and Me (acoustic) 8. Underneath (acoustic) 9. One More (acoustic) 10. On The Rocks (Zac Solo) 11. Where Did It Start 12. Blue Sky 13. Hope It Comes Soon 14. Can’t Stop 15.… Read More »