Keswick/Philadelphia 10/29/08

By | October 29, 2008

1. Something Going Round
2. Higher (cover)
3. Been There Before
4. Follow Your Lead
5. Great Divide
6. Georgia – Acoustic
7. Go – Acoustic (got cut off because the audience was flipping out over the Phillies, apparently)
8. This Time Around (Philly won tonight so they dedicated it to them)
9. Dancing In The Wind
10. Blue Sky
11. Where’s The Love
12. Soul Shine (coveR)
13. Crazy Beautiful
14. MMMBop
15. If Only
16. Get Up & Go
17. Can’t Stop
18. Watch Over Me

19. Lost Without Each Other

One thought on “Keswick/Philadelphia 10/29/08

  1. V

    I was there. There wasn’t more of an acoustic set. They performed “Georgia” acoustically and moved right into “Go,” but about midway through “Go,” screams erupted in the audience and they just kept getting louder. We found out the Phillies had just won the World Series! They cut “Go” off and left the stage, then came back out. Taylor said, “By the way, the Phillies just won the World Series.” From that point on, it was only up-tempo, upbeat songs, apart from “Soul Shine.” So, no. The only songs they performed acoustically were “Georgia” and “Go,” and “Go” got cut off because the Phillies won.


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